Hello everyone, I'm new here.

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I am new here. I would like to share my experiences and get to know about others too. I am hoping to learn from here, because I have recently started to take care of my family.


Welcome Alicia, happy you are here... just look around the site, there are many threads, lots to read and many folks to meet... this is a wonderful life and sanity saving place to come and say what's on your mind, vent, laugh, cry... and to not feel alone.... hope we see you again.... hugs and angels..
Hi Alicia! Welcome to AC! I found this site June of last year. When I first found it, I was jumping all over the place. I was reading everything that came to my attention. Most did Not have to do with my situation but I learned a lot about how to help a loved one eat when they're not hungry, ways to handle the poopy stage, best pampers to use, how to make the home smell good despite the ..uhm constant poopy smell (I now carry in my purse Peppermint oil), etc... I was just so fascinated with everything.

If you ever have a specific problem, you can do the search engine on the top right of the website. If you just want to check what's the latest topics being discussed, just tap on the top "CAREGIVER FORUM".

By the way, I'm going to give you a Welcome HUG... And there are 2 ways to see it:
1. Top right in your account box - click on NEWS FEED. Every thread you made a comment, if someone else comments, it will pop up on your News Feed. When you click on it, it will open to that thread.

2. On the top right, click on PUBLIC PROFILE. Here you will see people's personal comment to you or HUGS.

Hope to see you soon!
Alicia, when I become primary caregiver for both my bedridden parents, I Googled searching for help. That's how I found this site. One of the things that I loved was the tips on caregiving from this site - the authors. After I read here, I was trying to find the articles that I liked and I still reread because dementia/senility is a progressive disease. So, what applied to my situation in June, no longer applies because we have passed that stage.

I also checked out the Caregiver Support. They have some great articles. I believe this is the one that I tend to fall back on to reread once in a while...
Alicia, you have selected a wonderful site. I've been coming on here for several years. I've learned so much from other caregivers' experiences, advice and the general info provided. There are so many fantastic people who come to share, vent, cry and share happy moments. Welcome!
Hi Alicia, This site has saved me. I have found out that I am not alone. There are others here that might not be having the same situations you have to deal with but will help you through the rough spots and also share in the good times. The most important thing that I have found here is to TAKE CARE OF YOU.
Welcome, Alicia. This site has made me feel there are so many others in the same situation as me. I've had lots of helpful hints and as "lavender123" says, you will learn that you MUST take care of yourself as well. Don't let yourself sink into depression or get overcome by the non-stop tasks you are going to have to perform. If you love your family dearly, looking after them is a privilege and a pleasure (although difficult) but there is no shame in getting help, or perhaps admitting it's just too much for you. Give it your best shot and you will be rewarded.
Welcome Alicia. Its a great supportive group.

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