My mom was told she has borderline Dementia. I need someone else's thoughts on this.

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Am the only caregiver as am the only daughter. I have tried getting her into active which nothing and I mean nothing does she want to do.. She wants me to give her more attention than I already do. We can not have a normal converstion yet any where I go when I can she wants to know where I am. Am being told she could leave 10yrs this way she is now 86. And I do not know at this point what to do with her.


My mother has dementia and is 96 now. Tell tell signs were there alot earlier but we just thinking she's aging, getting older but it was the beginning of a long road ahead. My mother is the same way, if you're not in the same room with her she starts calling you and just wants you to be around her all the time. But, not able to carry on a real conversation and she justs wants attention all the time. She is never satisfied, doesn't sleep much, takes her an hour almost to walk to the bathroom. She also has macular degeneration, so she can't see very well at all. I can't show her pictures, she can't read now. It's very hard. Can you get any of your siblings to agree to any time for you to be free from caregiving? If not there are sitters who charge starting rate of 10.00/hr. If you could find someone trustworthy. Wish I could help more.
brezze48, I don't know what "borderline" dementia is. Sounds like borderline pregnancy to me. It makes more sense to talk about early-stage or mild dementia. In any case, yes she may live another 5 or 10 or more years. She may stay in this mild state for a long time, or the dementia may progress more rapidly.

Caring for someone with dementia is very challenging and tiring. I suggest you find a caregivers' support group and join it. Also read up on dementia so you know a little better what to expect.

Your mother did not ask for this any more than you did. It is very sad for both of you. You may need in-home help with her care, and eventually you may need to place her in a care center.

Hugs to you!
There are several types of dementia. Has she been evaluated by a neurologist to determine what type of dementia she has? Dementia can not be cured, but in some cases medication can help control the symptoms, but you need to know for sure what type of dementia?
Thank all for the reply. I have been to alzheimer meeting and do plan to go to a support group. When I put my mom was borderline dementia this is what her neurology dr told me. He said mom is having mini strokes that they can not detect as they are small. She is on the Exelon patch. Mom at this point does better than many I have read on this site. It is mainly the mind that doesn't hold a conversation most of the time.

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