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Hello Everybody. I just joined this site & wanted to introduce myself. I have been a caregiver for the last ten years to both my parents. My dad passed away in 2007 after several years of suffering with demetia. My mom was diagnosed almost three years ago with Alzeheimers. She is about Moderate Stage. I live with her and do most things for her. I also work full time & have to hire caregivers while I am at work. I was on another site at one time but found a lot of the people were not exactly helpful and were rather critical so I decided I would just quit and have not joined any other group and that has been over a year ago. Well, hoping to be able to get to know some of you and hashing out our problems or rejoicing over our victories!


Welcome to You will find that we are not judgmental and are here to offer support and let you know what is working for us. My mother is also mid/moderate stage dementia. My father passed away in 2003 from Alzheimer's. We laugh together, cry together and rejoice together. There are many threads on here that you might like to join such as The Dysfunctional families and caregiving, Grossed out, I just caught my mom using my tooth brush for a comb, The Caregiver, how are you doing, and Two years this july my mother has been living with me. Take some time to read through the threads to get in the flow of how each thread has progressed since it's beginning. Some people just post on one thread and others post on all four depending on what is going on in their life. There are other threads as well but these are the most popular with people posting daily. Take your time to get familiar and Welcome!!!
I am so glad I joined this site- don't know how I found it or how it found me, I don't write often but I do read ALL the comments. I have also been a caregiver for a number of years. My father passed away and now my 88 year old mom and mentally handicapped sister live with me. some days are good and some days are not so good and some days I am just plain weary, but I know I am not alone, and that is what I love about this site- we share- joys are multiplied, and troubles are shared and I feel better nowing that I am not alone
Thank you so much, sharyn and linda for replying to my post and telling me about the different things on here to look at. I will look into all of them. Hoping you all have a great Caregiving day today!!!
Hi Nana - sharyn has pointed you in good directions. I notice your profile is brief. If you fill it out a bit more, people will have a better sense of yur situation and how they might help you. ((((((((hugs))))) Joan

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