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I went to give my husband his medicine last night. His gatorade bottle was sitting next to his bed. He took a couple of sips and then I took a big gulp. Well guess what? IT WAS NOT GADORADE! It wa urine. Gag, gag and double gag. He used his gadorade bottle instead of his urinal. Im still not over it today. He did not ever complaine or anything. Yuck. This has just about broken me. Good God help me!! I thought I could handle just about anything but this is just too much. Its time to move the gadorade somewhere else!


People who work around a lot of computer equipment use non-still cups. Contigo is a brand name. Check out the web site. Not cheap, but do not spill and would be very difficult to "refill" inappropriately.
Ohhh NOOOOOO!!! blech blech..... you poor dear!! Yeah, I'd say it's time to move the gadorade bottle. Thank goodness mom can't use a urinal!

Please forgive me for my uncontrollable laughter :P
Its better for me to laugh then cry about it. Our son thought it was hysterical! I would have preffered for me to be the one laughing at him.
I'm not sure I'd find it very amusing. Absolutely hilarious - but not when you're the victim. Thanks for the heads up, it's like you're sticking a warning sign in the minefield for us. Sending you hugs and virtual mouthwash...
Your story reminds me of the pregnant woman who couldn't find her sample cup before her appointment so she put her urine sample in a whiskey bottle. She left it on the front seat while she ran into a store quick on her way to her appointment. When she got back to the car her whiskey bottle had been stolen.

That thief was at least getting his just desserts. Poor you!
I found a solution I want to share. I bought gatorade bottle with a top that turns. He seems to be able to use it well. I can refill the bottle with water too. This will help him not to have a mix up at his bedside. Very inexpensive solution for now. I was so upset when I posted earlier and did not spell very well.
Jeanne's post reminded me something that happened to me years ago. I was pregnant and getting prepared for delivery. The nurse checking me into my room asked me to go into the bath room and get a urine sample. Then place it on the shelf above the toilet. When I did this I accidentally knocked someone else's sample off and it went all over me including my face. Talk about Yuk. At least you know where the sample came from!!!!!!
Well, that was your opportunity to check for high sugar or protein or electrolyte loss. (just kidding)
Just so you feel like you're in good company, "The history of drinking urine for therapeutic purposes dates back at least to the Holy Roman Empire when great urinal troths were erected in the public squares of each city-state for residents to both contribute to, and benefit from. For centuries European Gypsies have known about the curative properties of pee, using cow urine to cure Bright's Disease (several acute and chronic diseases of the kidneys which produce albumin in urine). It has also been reported that the Yogis and Lamas of Tibet reach extended ages by drinking their own urine.

Through the ages there have been literally thousands of champions of this curious practice: In the early 1800s, a book titled One Thousand Notable Things describes the use of urine to cure scurvy, relieve skin itching, cleanse wounds, and many other treatments. An 18th century French dentist praised urine as a valuable mouthwash. In England during the 1860-70s, the drinking of one's own urine was a common cure for jaundice. In more modern times, the Alaskan Eskimos have used urine as an antiseptic to treat wounds".

Mahatma Gandhi also drank his own urine daily. Bleccccch is what I say to that!! Sorry you had to go back in time to experience such an old "cure". :)
My dad uses a coffee can at night he's 93 can't stop him,he lives with us,it smells awful,he denies it but I know.
And sneaks around like a child trying to hide it. I clean it our Yuck it really gets to me!!!!

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