I am nervous about using a home care company.

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I know it is time to bring in help but I am really nervous about the quality of care that will be available through a home health care agency. I have witnessed first hand the quality of caregivers that one particular company has sent out. It scares the heck out of of me. Any thoughts?

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If you have a well-known franchise in your area, they may be your best bet. Even though these companies are owned as franchises by local people, the larger umbrella company keeps tabs on them. Larger isn't always better and I don't mean to imply that. But oversight is good. Obviously, the company who sent out the caregivers you saw isn't the right one, no matter what size they are. I'd ask for references from families. There's nothing like word-of-mouth endorsement. Some agencies are wonderful and others are not good at all, so research is your best bet. Also, once you engage someone, don't be afraid to spot check and show up at odd times. A good caregiver shouldn't be offended. Good luck. I know it is hard.

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