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Hello! This is my first post here. I am Patricia..and just needed to vent. My grandmother got diagnostized with diabetes when I was only 4. I am only child of a single mother, yes,I have an aunt and an uncle, but they live far away from us. For more than 10 years, my grandmother was going great! she was such a strong lady, laughing, telling jokes, watering her flowers..and everything!
Until last week... as I type this, we are waiting for the results of her blood tests. They don´t know if she has an stomach/bladder infection, or she is just dealing with health complications related to her diabetes. Anyways, the doctor told us not to expect too much. And I am very scared. I know that whatever it is going to is going to happen, but I feel like I needed to talk to someone.
I know that some of you have been taking care of your loved ones for a long time, but it makes me sad to see how quick my gramma lost strenght


My dad has AZ and diabetes. It;s not easy but you are in a good place for support! I am an only child also, and I have gotten so much great support here! My Dad is failing fast mentally, but doing well physicaly. Hang in there!
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