Need help for medical bills over can't afford.

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Co-pays to overwhelmed due to visits to doctor and medical care.


Past 2 months i have 2.000.00 in just co-pays i live on SSI live alone over whelmed causing health to detoriate even worst depressed do not make enough money heating costs food electric rent medical bills
Is this person you are caring for a senior? Are they disabled? Do they have Medicare? Have you considered if they qualify for Medicaid? They may qualify if their income and assets are low enough.
Need help elderly is there any help out there for a senior in my position
I care for my self I am a senior disabled I do have Medicaid while in hospital one co-pay was 1,517.72 i have no money and had to give up my car could not afford it and i lost everything i owned
Dan, from the sound of it you need to apply for Medicaid to help with your healthcare bills. You can check into it at There are links that will guide you to your state and what you need to do to apply. Good luck! Healthcare has gotten to be a huge concern for much of the population of the US, so you are not alone.
One question I just thought of, does your SSI come with Medicare or Medicaid?

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