I volunteer at the local Alzheimer's Association, and have a support group member who needs help buying adult diapers. Medicare will not pay.

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It might help to buy in bulk to make the per-diaper price cheaper. Perhaps the support group could collect funds or even do a fund-raiser that the community is invited to to get donations and then buy in bulk and keep diapers in a supply closet to give or sell cheap to those in need.
Buying on-line is how I do it. It saves money, plus because we need a larger size than is usually sold locally, it is the logical choice. Shipping is free, and you can sign up to receive them one time or regularly in the future.
Does the loved one with dementia qualify for Medicaid or any other programs? I think that it is really important for caregiver to look into ANY source of help their loved ones may be qualified for.

If paying for incontinence supplies (on top of everything else) is a hardship for the loved one, it is likely there are programs that can help. If the loved one is not eligible for Medicaid or other programs that probably means he or she has assets or income too high. In that case the issue is making the funds available for day-to-day use rather than keeping them tied up for "old age" or for passing on in a will.

As a volunteer (bless you!) you might want to become familiar with the county and state programs that do cover incontinence supplies, as well as sources of buying them at a discount.

If you live in Pa go to www.aging.state.pa.us On the right column, click "Other Helpful Programs". Click Pa. Lifespan Respite Care Act Program Grant. Then scroll down and click on State and Federal Family Caregiver Support Programs. This is a reimbursement program for caregivers needs! They can help. If you're not in Pa I'm sure the dept of aging in your area will help!
Try emailing Depends or any diaper company and tell them your problem. Maybe they will give them to you or cheaper. Your wonderful for volunteering.
Sometimes the food pantries have adult pull ups that they give out as needed. But the ones in my area, only give a few at a time. (They can't give out what they don't have available). Otherwise, I have no ideas to offer!
If the question is also a query regarding what to buy, for 10 years now I have been recommending and buying Assurance pull-ups from Wal-Mart. They are less expensive than other more popular brands, but are well constructed. I have never purchased the ones for males. 3 out of 3 women I've bought these for have had varying levels of incontinence, including minimal stress incontinence. So I have supplemented the pullups with Tena day pads, or super absorbant Stayfree or Equate maxi pads (longest length works best), and I removed and replaced only the pads at times. Also, I use the White Cloud premoistened soft cloths (7.7 X 6.7 inches) after wiping with TP, and after the person/patient was then in a standing position. I buy packs of 80 for $1.50 and I use them 2 or 3 layers thick with each stroke. Well, they sometimes can be folded over and used again before having to use another fresh 2 or 3 layer cloth. But I am very careful with how I wipe so that I never resoil nor spread dirty onto clean. And I am also very liberal with the number of wipes I use, as the suffering & cost of a UTI (and complications thereof) are not something I'd want anyone to have to endure.
medi cal here in CA pays for that i believe, hence perhaps medicaid does also.
I have Medicare and Medicaid here in Michigan and they just paid for my adult size Depends last week for urine protection for me. Check in to Medicaid, that may be the answer. Hope this helps.
If he or she is a veteran, the VA will provide them if asked.

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