Need advice for me regarding my Mother

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My Mother at 89 just retired. Now
she is getting confused. Perhaps
depressed. Lost someone very close
to her about a year ago. Wants me to take her somewhere everyday. and I mean everyday. What to do I do most ly everything for her bills, make her dinner take her places. Cant seem to satisfy her (help)

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If she has been working currently, maybe she still has a "do for others" mindset. Best thing for EVERYONE is to help someone else! (Ha! That's what WE do.)
Maybe you could take her down to the local hospital to volunteer, to a daycare to read to the toddlers, to the library, community center for lunches and events. She is bound to meet people like her. If my Mother could see, I would take her to be around more people, but she can't do anything for herself. Good luck--don't be a slave--till you have to be!

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