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Sometimes I feel so tired - of work, of caregiving, of family, of just life in general. It's the same thing over and over. Wake up at 615am, change dad's Depend, skip breakfast because I'm running late for work, I'm late again for work. Stress from work, headaches by noon time. Come home exhausted, aching, and no dinner. The minute I arrive, sis is gone. Dad wants this or that, and I still need to eat dinner - it's now around 630-700pm. I usually end up snapping at him because I'm HUNGRY, tired and hurting. But most of all - Irritable.

I turn to the TV to help me find laughter. Lately, it's the show "Sex sent me to the ER" that has made me laugh so much. It is just sooo funny! Irritating at times, but funny. By the time the show is over, I'm feeling so much better.

Sometimes, I come on wanting to share some funny stuff I read or saw on TV. And I have no where to share this with you all. I don't feel comfortable putting it on the YOU or the DYS or even Parents say Funniest Thing threads/discussions. Because it just doesn't 'fit' in those category.

So, I've decided, I'm going to do a discussion thread in which I or anyone else can freely come and share something that made them laugh or smile.

These are my favorites - that I watch/read over and over, when I feel so down.


1. Pepsi Maxx & Jeff Gordon presents: Test Drive 1 and Test Drive 2.
2. Dinosaur Pranks from Japan
3. Coffeeshop New York Carrie prank

1. Canadian Bank Thank You Automated Machine
2. West Jet xmas gift 2013

Dementia Community:
Google - CNN's World's Untold Stories: Dementia Village - YouTube
(This is sooo unique, int the Netherlands! I cannot vision this in the United States.)

This is what I wanted to share with you all. I hope at least one of these helped with your day. =)


the guys i work around are just too somber . my kid and i used to laugh ourselves senseless at our own warpy thoughts . sadly i think its cause these guys are puffin on a weed pipe so much during the day that they dont have their wits about then or theyre trying too hard to act straight . nice guys but boring beyond belief ..
Just found Jacqueline Marcelle and ordered her book on Elder Rage. Based on her article in AC she takes a very humerous approach to her caregiving of early stage dementia parents. Very cheap on Amazon for a used copy 1 cent plus $3.99 shipping
I have the Elder Rage book but in paperback. I was planning to buy the e-book but it was way too expensive. I'm in the middle of reading a series. When done, I will make the time to read the Elder Rage. We can discuss it in our wall so as not to bore others. Hmmmm, we can recommend this book to the Book discussion thread and give our input.
I just discovered Modern Family reruns, and am loving it! I laugh out loud for 1/2 hour straight.
Cap, what you need us some of us out there working with you.... there would be a lot of laughing.... now consider most of us have bad backs and haven't exercised in years..... but I'm in..... the laughter seems all worth it !!!!
Some of the Strangest "hand luggage" items people have attempted to take on a plane (from ETN news):

1. A TURTLE IN A HAMBURGER. A Chinese man put his pet turtle inside a KFC hamburger to go with him to Beijing. At the xray machine when questioned about the odd-shaped burger, the man said, "This is not a turtle but just a hamburger."

2. A Weapon and Ammunition in his Son's Stuffed Toys.
An American father traveling with his 4 year old son, stuffed his taken apart gun and the ammo in the boy's rabbit, teddy bear and Mickey Mouse stuffed toys. Rhode Island TSA caught it in the xrays.

3. Tadpoles Inside the Mouth. A Korean woman leaving Guangzhou Chinese airport had a bottled water. The security told her to drink the liquid or throw it. She chose to drink it - except she didn't swallow it. So the security told her to spit it out. She was trying to smuggle the tadpoles out of the country.

4. Seven Snakes and Three Turtles in his Pants. - A man going from Miami to Brazil tried to smuggle these animals in nylon bags hidden in his pants.

5. A Corpse in a Wheelchair Pretending to be a Passenger.
2 German women (age 41 and 66) tried to board their relative's cadaver as a 3rd passenger from Liverpool John Lennon airport to Berlin. The dead man was wearing sunglasses. When questioned about him, they told security that he's sleeping.

6. A Crocodile in a Briefcase.
Jetcost airline. A passenger brought the crocodile in the carryon luggage. It escaped. The passengers totally panicked and fled away from it. This caused the plane to lose balance and crashed into a house during a flight from Kinshasa to Bandundu. The Only Survivor of the Let410 plane crash told what happened. Ironically, the crocodile survived the accident, but was immediately killed by the rescuers with a machete.

7. A Laser Sword from Star Wars.
TSA stopped the actor Peter Mayhew (played Chewbacca) just finished a ComicCon in Colorado was returning home to Texas. It caused a serious debate if it was a threat or not. Finally, American Airline Staff came to his rescue and managed to convince TSA that it was extremely unlikely that a famous actor would kidnap a plane armed with a light sword.
You know, I never thought that when bomb sniffing dogs are trained, that they use real bombs. Well, Duh! How else will they sniff out hidden bombs if the trainers don't use real bombs for training? So, the following article below was an eye opener.......

This was leaked into the news around July 2 of this year.

French police put a block of explosives at Marseille Airport in the freight section during training exercises- and forgot where they hid it, says a leaked report. The authorities have been searching for the perilous package for a week to no avail.

The deadly substance was hidden during exercises in which the local gendarmes were training police dogs to find explosives. However, the sniffer dogs didn’t seem to be trained well enough to find the substances. Neither were the officers, who forgot where they put no less than 100 grams of C-4 military explosives.
I've mentioned this before in the other threads. The Paris Transport Authority released this Etiquette Guide for using the Metro in Dec of last year. This is a translation from the French version.

Understand that the huge crossed out cigarette on the platform is not a work of contemporary art, but a ban on smoking.

Propose to help the person in the Bermuda shirt with a metro map in one hand and the other hand in their hair. It’s worth losing two minutes of your time for a good cause if only to hear the (foreign) passenger struggle to pronounce the metro stops “Trinite d’Estienne d’Orves or La Motte Piquet-Grenelle.

No-Nos: playing music too loudly through headphones. Loud phone conversations should also be avoided.

Resist the temptation to stare for a long time at beautiful women.

Holding back from starting a fight with someone who’s just stepped on your toes.

Hold the exit door for the person who follows you.

Handkerchief not just used to wave someone off with, but to sneeze into.

Take the bag of an old lady ... and she will give a smile at the top of the stairs.

Greet the engineer, especially if it is a man or a woman [But...what else could it be other than a man or a woman?]]

On hot days, it is best to keep your arms along your body like a penguin, and hold the pole at the bottom, not the top.

Don't confuse the metro with the bathroom, even if both have tiles on the walls.

This is one way of looking at your missing checked-in baggage - from British Airway's point of view...

Travellers are finding it hard to come to terms with baggage recovery in British Airways flight. The airway’s is misplacing luggage in various routes causing frustration, anguish and loss among British Airways passengers.

According to the British Airways , the problem began on Thursday of last week, 26.06.14 when a technical failure knocked out the baggage processing system at Heathrow Airport.

The airlines are advising people to carry their essential items in their hand luggage for precautionary measures.

The airline assures its ‘victims’ that their baggage is not lost; it has merely “missed its flight.”
looloo, I am also a big fan of "Modern Family", didn't discover them until I stumbled upon a late night rerun, now I can't get enough of the show. Also a huge fan of "Frasier" which gets me laughing so much :)

A few years ago, we use to get the "Red Green" show here in the States, it's an older Canadian comedy about a fellow named Red who can build anything out of junk in his garage... some of the short-takes in his show were priceless.

And how can I forget the BBC comedy "Keeping Up Appearances" with Hyacinth Bucket. Always good for a chuckle.

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