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My parents lived with me and my husband my dad for 2 years my mom the remaining 8 so 10 all together. I did everything for them even though my siblings all lived in the same town. They are trying to say my mom should have had more money when she passed away even though she had some very expensive habits such as smoking 2 packs a day ect. Went on holidays every year. They are trying to say out of $1200 my mom was getting for Old Age Pension she should have been saving $800 of that! They have tried taking us to court which didnt work so now they are trying to charge me with theft of inheritance! I was the POA on my moms account. Iam now being investigated for theft and this could go on for 5 years. I can not for the life of me understand how nasty siblings can be when Im the one who looked after our parents. This is just so sad to me how people get away with this. They are solely going by her bank statements and trying to charge me for everything she bought. My mom was never deemed incompetent so knew exactly where her money was going and spent her own money. She had her own suite in our home and didnt pay for anything but her own phone. She ate with us and I did all her care and transportation. This is just so sad to me how family can do this.


Who is investigating you?
They have gone to the police so the police so the police showed up at my door and said they would be investigating me for theft which he said could be up to 5 years (Statue of Limitations)
Your Mom would get $1200 a month from a fund... and from that fund she would be paying for her monthly Medicare premiums, secondary insurance premiums, and Rx insurance premiums.... then there is the out-of-pocket expenses for medical care, such as co-pays on office visits and prescriptions. What is left would be money for her to spend for things she needed or wanted to buy.

Gather up all the bank statements from the last 5 years. Banks can make hard copies if you no longer have her statements. If your Mom had her own credit card(s), see if you can get copies of those statements so that your siblings can see that your Mom was buying things no differently than anyone else. I assume your Mom bought gifts for birthdays and holidays for the siblings, their spouses, and any children and grandchildren, that alone can add up.

It is not uncommon for siblings who had no hands-on care of a parent to think the sibling who was doing the caring was raiding the piggy bank. Just remember, you didn't do anything wrong.
Until the police charge you with theft (which I'm assuming they haven't )just gather all mom's financial information.

Did the officers who came to your door ask any questions? Give you any information? Did they identify themselves as being from a particular division? I would request all this information in writing from the local PD to make sure that this is legit (not some scummy friends of sibs) and because, if it's legit, you want to show them that you are cooperating. Did mom have a lawyer who drew up POA? I would notify him/her of this development asap.

IF this goes any further, do not answer questions without a lawyer present. You may request free representation if you can't afford a private attorney.

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