Nana and Papa in my daughter's own words typed by me.

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She is sweet. She bake me cake or cookies and sometimes we are having a party for him ( her papa-80). Sometimes he watch football and smoke ( cigars). Sometimes I borrow his chair and eat snacks. sometimes he can be bossy me. I love nana because she swing with me and sings ( on a bench gazebo swing) . It goes like this: if I knew you were coming I bake a cake, bake a cake, bake a cake. How'd you do how'd you do how'd you do. If you drop me a letter I'd a hied a band grandest band in the land howd do how'd do how'd do? Who is the doggy in the window - woof woof - the one with the wags tail woof woof I bet that doggie is for sale.
And sometimes she let's me play on her computer. Sometimes she let's us go in her bed and lay down.


My daughter really wanted to share this. A lot of this stuff is from when my Mom was more able. My daughter's name is Sophie. If you would like to share your thoughts with her. She is 16 but more like a five year old emotionally. She is excited to do this. It is her first post on a forum. I won't do this a lot. Just, well, she really wanted to post something. Thanks!
Mishka, that is precious:))) You both are darling girls. I was just thinking about you while reading your other posts, before you wrote this. You are very honest and compassionate. Priceless:) xoxo
Sophie, I like your post! You must really love your Nana and Papa. They are Blessed to have you for a beautiful Granddaughter!
I hope you will come back and post some more. Guess what, Sophie? I think your Mom is really nice, too! Hugs, Christina
Dear Sophie,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It sounds like you really love your nana and papa and have fun with them. I can't believe you know every word to those songs, that's fantastic! :-). My nana used to sing those same songs to me a long time ago. Thank you for reminding me how much fun I used to have with my nana.
Sophie, please continue to post with your mom's help. It was lovely to hear from you. I think you have a very dear and sweet mom.
Your new friend,
dear sophie,
sounds like your nana and papa are really nice. ill bet nana is a wonderful cook, id sure like one of her cakes. if papa acts a little grumpy sometimes its because he cares about you and wants to teach you everything he can . its sometimes a mans way of showing concern and affection.
your friend, bob
You guys are so awesome!! I will show Sophie these posts!! She had a little melt down after we posted. She does that after trying new things but she will LOVE reading posts to her.
Thank you all sooo much!!!!
Meltdown? Well, she is in good company:) bless her heart. Oh, and look who else posted, Mr. Easy Rider. He gets mushier every day:) Have a good evening, all you beautiful caregivers! xoxo
oh bite ass christina..
Capnhardass!!!! My daughter would just say "you fu**er" . She cusses like a sailor!!!! ( she is such a typical teen at times!)
cool, her and i would communicate just fine. i think a few well placed expletives expedite the hell out of a conversation.

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