Does anyone know the name of that mystery person who moves all our parents stuff?

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I have a bone to pick with them!


I dunno, but that same person makes all kinds of messes here, leaves the water running, and plays with the thermostats. Occasionally that someone does something that makes the bathroom floor smell like pee. I figure it must be a gremlin loose in the world. Probably goes from house to house of people on I bet.
LOL, ladies! I really did when I read that title ! Must be the same person that made the baseball game that should have been on at 7PM last night, be on at 12:40 PM instead and leaves ice chips all over the floor for people to slip in...yup going around to all the households...
I think it's the gnomes that live in the walls. Even the elderly see them sometimes...
Isn't the name Notme? Or Ida Know?
If you mean the one that sneaks the bills and solicitations out of the mail, "forgets" to buy the expensive, but useless vitamins, borrows a Valium once or twice a week and eats ALL the ice cream........That's ME!
Ha I mean "someone keeps moving my stuff".. Oh ya Mom, it's not me and you would never admit it's you , so it must be the mystery person!!!!!!!
My Mom use to accuse everyone of stealing her stuff. She would hide it so good...sometimes it would take 6 months before I found it. I use to search for whatever was "missing"...but I finally stopped and just eventually showed up!!!
Gremlins, they party all night, move everything, never put anything back in the right place, leave messes, you can't reason with them. I leave out chocolate, it calms them.
I'm commin for the chocolate and you can call me whatever you want, LOL!
We tell mom she has a cute little elf helper.

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