My "whine moment" Edition 2.

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I am unable to find this thread so I will start a new one. I am so angry and have been for the last 3 days. NOthing unusual has happened to make me this way. I am angry all the time but I usually can control it. I want to pull my hair out and break anything I can get my hands on but I won't. I am having my boys and their girlfriends for dinner in addition to a family friend for spaghetti today. I made a chocolate cake and the oven is off and so I burned it without really knowing. I looked at the bottom and it was so burned that I just threw it away. This is not the first cake I have burned in the oven but at least they were edible. When I get like this I have trouble hiding it and I get a nasty tone and guess where it goes on my poor mom. I don't mean it but I am so trapped in this house that I am going crazy. The caregiver came again yesterday and mom said she liked her which is good so I left the room and went to my room where I spend a lot of my time. I cannot leave yet until all is settled with my car but when I can I hope to God I come back. Its too hot to walk anywhere so I stay here all the time. I know this is not unusual and everyone is going through it, I just thought that if I expressed it maybe somehow I might feel better. Thanks for listening.


I'm sorry. I had that feeling as well. Its so hard to care for someone and every little thing seems magnified and worse because you never get a break. Having your kids over sounds fun, I love to cook for my family. I hope you get a break soon. Stay cool!
I feel your pain. I used to love baking but my burnout is so bad I don't even feel joy in that anymore. I escape to my room all of the time as well. It is reassuring to know I am not alone in feeling trapped. Though I wish for all of us who do feel that way that there were a better avenue, a better way to care for someone you love without losing so much of yourself. I am having a lost moment right now. I have spent the past hour bawling and borderline hysterical. I really hope he gets placed soon I can't do this anymore.
Thanks ypiffani, I was just talking to a care provider who calls to check on me every now and then. I am just trying to put things into perspective. I am my own worst enemy. My mom sleeps all the time and is never mean to me but I am afraid of what is going to happen and where my life will end up. I keep trying to reason with myself but I just tell my self that I am selfish and do not even have it that hard. The problem is never getting away, I think once I can have some time away from this house, things might be more reasonable in my head. I feel for you and everyone on this website. I feel like I have no right to complain but yet I do. I do all the cooking, cleaning and laundry but I have always done that, not a problem at all. Mom makes it to the bathroom and thankfully is constipated from the oxy, she is in severe pain all the time. She used to have really bad diarrhea which still scares me. I feel that is one thing that I will not be able to do, it grosses me out. Just trying to a grip now while its not that bad so that maybe when it does get worse I will still be alive to handle it. Thanks
Oh and the gas company is coming out to regulate the oven so I just may be able to bake a cake and not burn it. lol
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your life is hijacked right now fligrl , even your thought process . when your caregiving has ended youll have 24 hours a day to pursue your own interests . i realized while canning tomatos in the garage last week that that was where my life left off 7 yrs ago when i went to live with mom . youll get back to living on your own behalf and with a renewed vigor and a peace of mind that non carers will never understand .
Got it thanks book
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The latest round of mama-drama (mission: move back in with my sister from the NH) has my whole GI system (and my sister's) in utter turmoil. Trying to eat healthy.

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