My Mother is crazy.

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She is seeking to only harm me, every communication she makes with me is always derogatory, she insists I ruined her life and now is saying she wants to sue me for every dollar spent on me since I was born.

I guess I'm not really looking for an answer but more of venting, my heart is broken and my stress levels are just unreal.

I don't even understand how a mother can be so evil to her child. Even if she has mental problems, whatever it is, its your kid; I don't get it..


Could you put your vent into a little context, perhaps? Is this a recent attitude she's giving you, or has it gone on forever?
Dementia and mental illness take no prisoners.
Since I left the house, well got kicked out when I selected being a grown up and chose my wife (now my wife), she has developed a hatred for me I guess but wow it is hot with the fire of a thousand suns.
Dementia or not, you don't do that to your child, you don't drive him crazy and intentionally torment him. It's horrible.
Um. You don't do that, no; not unless you have some serious torment of your own going on inside your head, anyway. What happened? How long ago?
You will have to have boundaries. If you are answering her phone calls, I would stop. You can phone her, but if she starts in on you, beg off and hang up.
Is she mentally ill?
My mother has done some weird stuff and she is not mentally ill, just feels entitled to do and say whatever she feel a like. Doesn't seem to care if it hurts me or not. It is all about her.
I feel the same way, every time I speak to my mother I feel like I am the worst daughter ever. Mother's Day was bad I called her to wish her a happy Mother's Day ended up arguing with her about how everything makes her mad. She says that I only have one bad fault and that is not knowing how to forgive people. I said mom when someone has hurt me or put me down its really hard for me to forgive. All my life someone in my family has put my down. I am in my 50's now I will not put up with it.
You know, we have Al-Anon for people who need to disconnect from an alcoholic's drama. Maybe what we need is Alz-Anon so we can learn how to disconnect from dementia, or Mom-Anon for the children of mothers who won't let go. So to p.o.a.m, I say let go, let God, and don't provide her with an audience.

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