my mother is 86 and has bowel cancer. for some reason she keeps sending money to scammers although police have spoken to her,its stressful.

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You need to get power of attorney for her. If it means having her evaluated for mental competance then so be it.
How do you go about getting POA? My dad lives in Indiana and we live in Louisiana. He has dimentia and keeps sending all his rent money to scammers in Jamaica and Nigeria. He is about to lose his apartment and insists that he is investing for his future and will have millions soon. We don't know where to start. He will be alone and on the street soon. We don't have money to bail him out or get lawyers. Please any suggestions?
some tips I can deduce as a caretaker or child are:

1. always be present of have someone trust-worthy be present with your parent
2. set up warning systems with your parent's source of money (for example: have the bank notify by email when your parent tries to withdraw large amounts of money).
Would you be able to get her a cheap cell phone usually scammers do not call a cell phone that I am aware of at this time
We are in a similar situation - though not nearly as severe. Mom was donating money, answering surveys, talking to the nice people on the phone who would call her asking for money. Since she lives with us, we were on every mailing list known to man. She donated money to the Republicans, the Democrats, animal welfare, several Indian nations, the stop illegal aliens now, etc. etc. We tried to suggest picking one or two legitimate charties if she felt the need to contribute. But she wouldn't have it. The few things we have been able to do: we got a PO Box and put a stop to junk mailings since there was no address forwarding, got her phone on the do not call list, I'm interested in other responses to you question on how to protect parents from themselves when their judgement and reasoning gets a little erratic.

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