my mother is 83 years old, has COPD, but not serious at this time, frequent back and stomach pain and lives alone.

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She spends a lot of time in bed and is depressed. I visit usually visit each weekend sending 2 days and 2 nights, but she is getting older, weaker and needs more help. She want to live independant, but is having a lot of trouble because she doesn't eat enough and frequently misses taking her daily medication.

Depression is one factor, but she also complains of the pain and at times has trouble with her breating.


Have you been able to talk about her options when she can no longer be living alone which sounds like she is getting to that point since you are there every weekend it is better to think about it now then later on when you have to make quick decisions this way you can let her know how you feel about things and you will know what she wants to do-it may be hard to talk about at this time but it is better to be prepared.
I agree with Austin....You need to start talking now about options for your mother, because you say she has COPD and is getting weaker all the time. My mother had COPD and in her case it kept getting worse, until she had to go on oxygen for longer periods and so forth. It is good that you are considering your mother's future care now.

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