my mother is 80 years old but does not qualify for medicare. how can she get some kind of help with health insurance

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she has a trust fund but that will evenually run out soon. can she get medical? we live in Calif. Right now she has no health insurance.


Why doesn't she qualify for Medicare? Once you get it, and keep receiving benefits from S S, then you qualify! Call 1-800-medicare, and give them her S S number. Ask for a benefit update. Of course she "qualifies".
Every person in the US has paid into or their spouses have paid into Social Security/Medicare which is your Health Insuance Provider and Discount Pharmacy from 65 to death.
This is no option...all medical bills, hospital stays, etc. are paid or at least a portion has been paid by Medicare since 65.
I think you are talking about Medicad, which is more benefits from your State which is necessary to qualify for. Basically, the only thing you can own to qualify is your SS check you receive monthly. You can't own any property including land, houses, cars, etc. In other words, when all her money is gone, Medicare will assist with accepting the total of your SS check to pay the for Nursing Home. You will not have a penney when this occurs...and no money she had can be "hidden" as it will be found by the government and taken back to pay for her Nursing home. So, my suggestion after caring for (the last 6 years) my parents and in-laws is to get in touch with Social Security and they can help you. You or her children will also need to become her Medical Power of Attorney in order to be able to deal with her medical needs and Financial POA to deal with her money issues.
Best of Luck; hope this has helped.
Thank you very much for your advice. I will contact the S.S. office tomorrow.
Needed to correct the above post: as Dad just qualified for Medicaid, we found one car was exempt for him to qualify. They can keep up to $2,000.00 worth of assets, and $60.00 per month from their income, be it from Social Security or other. Mine receives savings from an annuity, but most of it goes toward his care. His home is also exempt because of a living spouse. So get the facts from a professional. It is a grueling paperwork process, but there is help available for those who qualify. Health insurance is privately secured, and not everyone has it, save those with considerable assets. A Representative Payee status will allow you to help your mother with the Social Security benefits, and POA with her trust account. (But there are attorney fees to obtain POA.) Reliable sources can steer you in the right direction.
Let's wait and see whether or not the Obama plan passes, or if another plan gets into the approval process. I have an idea that all things will change once this happens.
Thank you I will wait before I will do anything else.

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