My job as caregiver ended last Tuesday morning.

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My father left his earthly body on tues morning. It was very hard at times caring for him, mostly by myself, but also a true blessing. and I pray that I blessed him. I pray for all of you going through crisis and heartbreak and the tribulations between family. I pray that you find peace, and strength for each day. When your loved one goes, the stress is relieved, but your heart breaks. God be with you, youre doing something wonderful and I pray many blessings on each of you.


theres not much else to say maryanne, youve said it well . the stress will be with you for a long time . you have your own life to rebuild . i hope great things happen for you ..
my mom passed away a year ago tomorrow . im in a similar frame of mind as you but 1 year later .
So sorry for your loss! May your happy memories soon bring you comfort. Take good care of yourself now. God bless!
I too offer condolences on your loss. You seem to have a good perspective, with good memories, and I hope they comfort you in the days ahead. Remember those good times and the care you gave and how it helped your father through his last days.
Maryanne, I am so sorry to learn of your father. I hope his good memories carry you through these next months. ((((Hugs))))
So sorry for your loss. The caregiving may end but the paperwork continues!
Maryanne56 I too just lost my precious daddy 3 weeks ago. It was such a relief to know his suffering ended, but like you, my heart breaks and I miss him so much. It was a blessing to honor him and take care of him, no matter how difficult it was at times. God bless you!
maryanne56, Im sorry for your loss. Your right as it may be hard caring for them, overall it is worth it. I also couldn't imagine myself not caring for my loved ones. Your in my thoughts- hugs.
Maryanne, my condolences. I was so relieved when mom finally passed away last year. She had NO life- no quality of life. Yet, I felt so guilty that I was relieved she had passed away. I'm glad that you and your father parted with such closeness, something to always cherish. Thank you for the well-wishes to us. I also wish you well. {{Hugs}}
So sorry for your loss.

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