I am the wife with dementia/Alzheimer's and my husband takes care of me.

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We both have disabilities, and that is what started all of this. We & our dog together. I don't have too many problems now, but it's getting worse. I fell a couple of years ago on the ice, hurt my back, went to the hospital, then a nursing home for about a month. Nothing was the same after that. I can't figure out things very well anymore, like which way the lock and key go together in the back door. I am able to go shopping to Wal-Mart, but sometimes get the wrong thing or too much/less. I didn't accept this in the beginning. I was very upset, I saw exactly how AZ was because mil had it, and I had paid her some visits. I prayed & prayed, Lord please don't let me have AZ. I don't want to forget, I don't want to be like mil. Well so far I have been dx'ed with forgetfulness. I am grateful for this and pray it doesn't get any worse. I am riding on a cloud, I know, but I think I will be able to accept it now. I have some memory problems, but I usually remember after awhile. I am very clumsy. I spend a lot of time on the computer, and can still balance the checkbook. We have help for the wash & cleaning. I am 75, and my husband is 80, and we get along quite well. He doesn't usually get upset with me because I can't help what happens.

I also have Scleroderma, Copd, rds, Ra, rsd, and many other ailments.

I can't type anymore now because my hands and arms wear out.


You are a hypochondriac. How is hubby doing?
i have shortterm memory problems at only 56 . i dont even try to remember names because unless someone has genitalia growing out of their head they all look the same to me . i just keep things simple . no doors or drawers in my house . possessions are few and all are in plain view . i know my brain is going downhill but by the time anyone notices ill be rooted in this bunker with enough provisions to hold off the red army for 20 yrs .
dont mind my bs . im trying to unwind enough to fall asleep by doing a little bit of delusional / grandiose ranting .
pam , youre bein a jerk ( again ) .
at age 75 those ailments are not at all hard to believe . i suffer from all of those AND priapism . knock on wood i guess is what im sayin here .
hehehe well Cap, the person who posted the question liked my answer. So I'm guessing it was a troll question to begin with.
And if it wasn't a troll question?

Most people who join this website has no clue how it works... in the beginning.

Maybe she was being nice?

You really need to stop posting such crappy shit Pam. Look, I cherish your wisdom but there are times when you are so out of left field. This was one.

Bunnyo, sorry you got some crummy replies to your post! I thought it was very good and it is helpful to read a story from the point of view of someone who is doing they best they can and doing everything they are able! I wish everybody took that approach. You sound upbeat and grateful for the support you have in your life and I'll tell you what, that's a good way to be.
Bunnyo I am a RN and I feel what you said was very rude . How do you know the person is a hypochondriac ? Are you a medical professional ? I think you are the troll
I apologize my comment was directed at Pam ,I'm sorry bunny you got lousy answersc
Good catch ohmeowzer
Have you looked in to Assisted Living? You could both be together. Some will allow a dog, within reason. That way you have housekeeping and meals prepared and there are activities that you could go to.

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