My husband of 63 years died on Tuesday night. You have all been so much help to me.

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I have no question. My heart breaks. Thank you all. LU Thank you llamalover, cactusjim and all the others who helped me cope with caregiving. My long journey of eight months of 24/7 is over. I have kept a journal, read about your cares and being worn out and tried to give some emotional help to you all. Cactusjim, I pray you are enjoying the support group and your honey is still close to you. I have some all of us do...the times we yelled at our loved one when we should remember we were yelling at the stroke or the Alzheimers or demetia. The lack of sleep, the tedious daily jobs, the missed opportunities. My husband of 63 years was on a train. He asked me when he should get off. I told him when he saw his mother, father and gramma at the station. He asked if I was going to go with him. I told him, no...I will catch up with you. Then he asked...after being paralyzed for eight months...will I walk off the train. I cried and said...yes. Now he is walking with the Lord. I put my arms around him and my daughter prayed. I told him that he could go. He took a breath and then another as I held him and felt his last one leave his body. Though it is hard to have our loved ones at home, I am now so happy that tired as I am, he died in my arms with my daughter and granddaugter with him. He was not alone in a nursing home. No, it wasn't easy and I am 81, but we had a life to remember. I still love him with all of my heart and I thank EVERYONE who contributes to this site. Spread the word. This is truly the help that caregivers need. Thank you to hospice...they really care.


Just so sorry to hear of your loss but so glad he walks in light again. Take care of you too.
Thank you for sharing your story. My deepest sympathies to you and your family.
What a wonderful story indeed! My deepest Sympathy for your loss Sweet Lady, and may all of your many beautiful memories help you to get through the difficult times ahead. 63 year's! Good for you!
Yes, thank you ever so much for sharing. My sincerest condolences to you. With so much sadness you filled my heart with joy and love.

Special wishes for you during your time of grief and ever present love in your heart.
Gosh what a touching story. Brought tears to my eyes. Take care of you now!
I'm so sorry for your loss.
Nancy, I wasn't aware of your journeys, and apologize if I didn't offer support when I might have had I seen your posts. But you are so kind and thoughtful to offer the insights that you've shared with us. Your post is very poetic, very lyrical, and very, very moving.
Nancy - you honor your husband and the love you shared. You honor us by sharing your final moments together. Thank you and my sincerest sympathy.
I awoke to go to the computer and check this site. I shall continue to be with all of you on your journeys. Of course, I never thought our 63 years would end as this. He was a police officer and besides that had surgeries that I thought would take him. He was a strong man, a wonderful provider and a singer of gospel music with a baritone voice that could charm did me...63 years ago. Our lives were filled with laughter, togetherness and a few tears. We traveled, we moved 28 times and visited all 50 states. We even ventured out and moved to Hawaii for a while. I have no regrets except that I wish his health had allowed us to continue our lives together. I still have a bucket list. I zip lined last year and plan to ski this year. Celebrate with me, my caregiver friends. Celebrate my husband's life. I will be thinking of him as I try the "bunny hill". Stay strong. Get rest and respite if you can. Email your friends that you want them to talk about what their families are doing so your life isn't all sickness. And praise God for the strength He gives you to go on. Love you all and hugs to everyone.
Bless your heart. Do your bucket list and know that he is whole again.

There is coming a day when no heartaches shall come
No more clouds in the sky, no more tears to dim the eye.
All is peace forevermore on that happy golden shore,
What a day, glorious day that will be.
Nancy, you are an amazing woman. My heart breaks for your loss. And as great as he was, he had YOU. Your posts have brought tears to my eyes, some of it sadness for you, but also tears of joy and gratitude that you shares such a very private time with us.... we are blessed to have you here.
Finish your bucket list, then make another one... I respect and admire how you have chosen to live your life.... try not to have too many regrets... it's called being human. And your husband would always want the authentic you.... and sometimes anger is part of package..... thank you so much for sharing with us... Blessings for the next part of your journey.

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