My husband is losing things more and more.

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He has a knife collection but they are here and there. There is one particular knife he has lost and it could be ANYWHERE...I have looked and looked until I'm stressed to the point of being sick. He said forget about it but he won't it will be on his mind until it is found. What can I do to help him not lose things ?


For safety reasons, I would hide all the knives. He can think he misplaced them. I would get them out of the house so he couldn't get his hands on them. Encourage a new hobby that isn't dangerous, such as stamp or coin collecting.
Why do you think it is your responsibility to keep up with his stuff?
I am going through the same thing with both knives and guns. It is crazy. I finally locked them all in our home lock box, but he found the keys and has them out again. It drove us crazy. Also is losing everything. Last was a set of his car keys. After about a month they showed up in his jewelry box. This has been going on for about a year. Driving me crazy if the rest isn't enough to deal with. I haven't found a solution but wanted you to know you certainly aren't alone.
My dad is like a squirrel. Things disappear and reappear months later and who knows where they've been??? Presently he lost his wallet --nothing in it of importance but it's part of his routine. We can turn the house upside down and inside out and never find it and then one day it appears in his pocket just like it always does. He's Houdini and its mystifying.
Oh yea, we lose things, also. Me, too. Most recent are two items: 1) his coupons for dining were lost; and 2) the Christmas card for his Daughter we hid and cannot remember where. So, we do a lot of back tracking. Comes with the territory and age, I believe. With dementia, I know it's even worse. But no use getting angry about it. I just help him backtrack. By the by, we found the coupons at the last restaurant he and his son visited. Now to find that card (as it has some money in it). Merry Christmas, everyone!
I have the keys to the gun safe hidden and he knows it so he doesn't look for them . Everything else gets lost all the time , sometimes I help and some times I pretend that I'm too busy to look right now. He wants a new gun for Christmas which of course he is not getting again.
Me personally, I would get any weapons out of the house. We had a neighbor who was shooting at cats with a BB gun. Illegal in a residental area where houses r only 30ft apart. A woman next to him found a bb hole in a window. At close range this is dangerous. A person with Dementia / Alzheiers can be in their own world and hate to think ur living room becomes a woods where he is hunting.

TG my Mom has her own room because she keeps changing where things r. I still haven't found a top she had that looked very good on her. I'm sure I washed it and put it away. Have looked in my clothes and husbands. Same happened with friend. Her father lost his wallet and keys. Her Mom hunted high and low, oven and microwave. A friend told hervto look under the mattress. Wala! He had put them way under that even making the bed she didn't find them. He asked about them everyday and she told him they were lost and without them he couldn't drive. Eventually he stopped asking. When she found them she hid them. By that time he was content and she sold the car.
I'm running up to look under Dads mattress right now--good suggestion!!
I agree the guns and knifes need to be lost permentaly! Even if he does not use the to hurt himself or someone else, they might be used by someone who finds them and then you could be held liable for what happens. To many accidents happen when weapons fall into the wrong hands. Get a safe deposit box if you feel the need to keep them. And even be bee guns are not safe. My husbands friend accidently shot his mother as she rounded the corner in their yard, the shot hit her right in the tempel and killed her. The boy never got over it. Better safe than sorry later. Weapons of any kind in a house with a dementia patient spell trouble.please be safe.
Even scissors belong hidden. My husband is 75 and has vascular dementia. To easier remove his diapers he would cut them off. Then he wanted the scissors to cut off his sweat pants because he was having trouble getting them off. Then I saw how he would literally slash at the diapers and told him no more scissors. The home care lady told me to keep them out of his room. He asks occasionally and I tell him I'm afraid what else he might want to cut off 😜 .

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