My husband condition is changing & I am wondering how much worse this is going to be and what to expect next?

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I worry that he is not eating enough and also his bowels do not move every day --- is this ok? -- how many days is ok?


My mom as well is slowing down...all I can say if you are not eating as much your body is not going to vacate as much. How are things going this week?
I pray for you my friend, I wish we knew sometimes how hard it would get. Hang in there. They start eating less, let them be your guide, their bodies don't require as many calories when they are no longer moving around. Its hard I know. I take action on the bowles after 3 days, some prune juice at breakfast,if that dosnt work its on to stool sofeners.
Thank you for your comment --- I will try the prune juice -- I do worry about the bowel thing --- Today he looked terrible and got up way earlier than usual and has been like a zombie all day. I ended up putting him to bed an hour ahead of our regular schedule and he immediately was out ---- He is wasting away right before my eyes and it is so sad . We've been together 61 years --hard to think about him not being by my side but those thoughts creep into my day quite often now. Again thank you for your prayers. I know there is no fixing this illness.
Warm prune juice will work faster, like 1/2-1 cup a coffee size. Also, try to introduce in daily basis with breakfast Activia. Test delicious and works very well. Chammomile tea with lemon and honey. If nothing works go Milk of magnesia every morning like 30cc(comes with a measure cup) or Senna tablets. You have so many choices. Another thing check his medications and see which ones can give him these side effects.
Hello, I wish to advise you to consult with your doctor as to how to treat your loved one. I have done this as I'm a caregiver for my 68 year old hubby who has had severe impacted bowls needing to have professional attention to get help as well as going in the other direction. Doctors know best how to treat this conditions and can suggest the right medications. I think sometimes prescripted medications can be the culprit, so please check with the doctor for then you will know for sure what to do.

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