My mother-in-law and her sister have sharp minds, but frail bodies and are in need of 24-hour-care. My husband and I are wearing down quickly by attending to their every-day needs.

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My mother in law and her sister ,,ages 100/95 yrs old,sharp minds ,frail bodies need 24 hr care and we haven't been able to locate anyone will in to care for them in their home in Solomonds Island,can you put us in touch with anyone who coulld help us, At this time we, my husband and I are wearing down quickly by attending to their every day needs. as we are not in good health ourselves,

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I'm assuming you've tried agencies but here are two places to try by zip code: and

It's no wonder you and your husband can't keep this up. You may have to look at assisted living for them.. Probably they could share a room. Depending on their needs, they may need a nursing home. If you can't find in-home help, you'll need to do something. I'm sure they don't want to move, but if their minds are sharp, they may be able to understand the need and also, once adjusted, make friends and have peer interaction. Good luck. You want to live to be old, too! There is a limit.

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