My husband and I are moving next month.

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We finally bought a house and I have been on here a lot discussing issues. My husband had mild. Dementia. His doctor here said they would find another office for us but my problem is how do I find a really good, reputable doctor for the both of us ? If we can find a GP then he or she can refer us to a cardiologist and nephrologist when we get established with him or her. We are moving to Florida and I know there are some doctors that would be excellent and others................not so much. How would I find a good GP for the two of us ? Thanks


If you know people in the area to which you're moving, ask them. Next best bet might be to call the hospital to which you would be taken if you called 911 from your home and ask for the names of primary care docs who specialize in geriatric medicine. Then do some checking on line with those names. Check Yelp. It's not unusual for docs to be rated there.
When my parents moved near me, I took the list of doctors in their network to my local hospital. I went to the nursing station on the general medical floor and asked the nurses for their opinions about which docs were good with seniors. At first, they were hesitant, but once one started talking to me, I had them around me telling me the best docs and which ones to avoid. I trust nurses' opinions, because they work with the docs daily and see which ones are good at diagnostics and follow-up. It worked for me and I found an excellent doc for my folks. That was 13 years ago.

Today, I'd also google them and check out their ratings on various ratings sites for doctors. Good luck with your move!
Check out the website healthgrades. All types of docs listed with ratings.
My husband HAS miId Dementia, not HAD....
tarajane, your husband probably needs a geriatrician as his PCP, not a GP. And of course he needs specialists as well. I assume you are referrals from his current specialists -- ?
Yes, I will get referrals when he goes. It is the first of Dec. Plenty of time to ask all the docs and gather medical records. Thanks
Tara, Thanksgiving is coming, many docs in my area are gone that week and have significant staff reductions as well.

There is not alot of time.
All good suggestions here. Healthgrades was mentioned above, but also check vitals website and ucomparehealthcare website for patient ratings. Depending on what part of Florida you're going to there's a well known excellent cardiologist, Steven Masley MD. You can google his name and check his website. Even if not close, it may be worth a call to his office as they might offer other suggestions or networks for all of the doctors you'll need. All the best, pray it goes well for you as it's been a rough time.
Dr. Masley is in Tampa and that is pretty far to go for check ups. It would be an hour drive. I think he is the greatest if he could only have another office in CR. Thank you
tarajane, how did your trip down to Florida go while you did your house hunting. Was wondering how hubby did on that trip.

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