My grandpa is dying.....

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And my grandma can't live with him because she has dementia and hits him....they WERE mom and dad to me growing up and it hurts how do you deal with this bs I wanna strangle the care givers for some reason and I'm so depressed..... He had a stroke a while back and at the time didnt affect him to bad mentally, now he's having mini strokes kidney failer the works and its heart breaking....I just wish I could go back to when he gave me my first beer in high school and we when to garage sales together and fishing.....


I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Losing a loving grandparent is one of the hardest transitions in life. I lost my beloved grandma when I was 21 and I was so sad and then angry at people after her funeral who managed to gab and laugh and eat at the reception. I couldn't understand HOW they could world had changed forever.

Now I'm older and I understand it's all a part of our cycle of life and death. Give yourself permission to feel sad and angry and cry if you need to. Try (if possible) to reflect on the good times. Spend time with your grandfather and let him know how much you love him and how much you'll miss him. Say what you need to say. Hugs...
Everyone thats older says how its part of life and that you need to accept it and move on its so confusing....
Oblivion, it the circle of life. If you look around you it is everywhere. Birds and squirrels have their own circle. Our pets. Even the trees and flowers have a certain life spans.

Think about it this way. Your grandparent's own parents had passed on some time ago, and if your grandparents had favorite aunts and uncles, possibly siblings, they will once again be reunited in the after-life when the time comes. What a joyful reunion they will have.

How I wished my Dad could have stayed on earth to be with me. But he was so heartbroken when my Mom had passed a year prior that he wanted to be with her. Thus I had to let him go when it was time.

Go live a full life, and enjoy those wonderful memories. I also remember my Dad's father teaching me how to fish, and here I was a girl of 10 years old, but that didn't matter to him, I turned out to be a pretty darn good fisherman, and that made him happy :))

I can't believe they are seperating them, They have been together son long AMD now these A**HOLES are trying to separate them. The h*ll with big pharma and their lies I'm doing things my way!
Grandma is hitting grandpa. He is not safe with her. They, (who is they) have no choice.
Oblivion, is this all pretty recent? - the plan to move your grandmother out and care for your grandfather separately, I mean.

The thing about your grandfather's health difficulties is that they will really exhaust him. Kidney failure, and it sounds like problems with heart function too, these make a person feel desperately tired. Coping with your grandmother's dementia on top is going to be just too much for him, even with you there to help and supply, er, interesting remedies!

Could you please explain a bit more about what has happened and what the current plan for their care is, exactly?
Well I need to calm down, I'm viewing things emotionally instead of logically. Grandpa had a stroke about a year or so ago, at first he wasn't doing so bad bit now it seems his body is giving out on him all of a sudden.
No one can blame you for that, it's an emotionally charged time of life.

I don't know what to suggest. I can understand your feeling frustrated and upset, but that doesn't really get you anywhere. Is your grandfather getting enough help? Is he used to visiting your grandmother but now isn't able to? How is she doing?

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