My grandmother was forced out of her home and is living with me

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has dementin social worker involved get no help she still has home i pay all her bills care of her full time family allows 100.00 a week for food and help wth are bills is this allowed in ohio i also have to go to court for guardingship hous ebad shape

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Man, what do those social workers even do....ones around here are useless as well. I would love to see someone comment about their social worker doing any good. Try to to keep her in her home and try to clean it up, maybe you can stay over there for awhile while you are cleaning it up. Continue to pay her bills and get guardianship! Only 100 bucks a not much..for bills and food. Does she have any SS income or any savings that could help? Where are her immediate children (sons and daughters) are they helping or not and is it only you?

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