My grandma passed away this morning, my heart is broken.

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She was on hospice after a short illness, we knew we were close as she stopped drinking water two days ago, she passed away very peacefully, she had no pain, I had fallen asleep for a couple if hours and when I woke up she was gone. She and I lived together for 11 years, though she has only been sick for two months, she passed in her home with her family, I am sad but happy that she is at peace.


Thanks for sharing your story 1teach1cory. I'm sorry for your loss, but am so glad that your grandma did not suffer. She was so fortunate to have her family near.
Sorry for your loss. I'm glad her passing was so peaceful. ((hugs))
God have a purpose for all of us,and our name is already in a book,lucky for those who can live to be old and finish the work here, sorry for your pain
Cory, she may have waited for you to fall asleep before she decided to go. I have often heard of patients who hang on, then when family steps out for just a moment, they cross over that Rainbow Bridge. She need you to be at peace before she left. She will watch over you forever.

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