My father passed in the early hours on Friday.

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Just a quick note as I can not write much due to I pulled my shoulder out trying to get Daddy calm on the bed. I slept in the room for the first night and I awoke suddenly at 7:30 and went to him put my hand on his warm stomach and felt no heart beat. I screamed for my son to come get up Poppa is gone. And I looked up to my father face and he had a smile..he went peacefully in his sleep. I ran outside and raised my hands to the sunny sky and said thank you Lord for taking my father so peacefully. Lord knows I can not write more now I am so heartbroken..lost...everyone came and they drapped the USA flag over him as I asked we all said a prayer around him and my son nearly collapsed as he hugged him. When they rolled him out of my home the son was on his face and remember his shining silver hair. I then collapsed or something like that. I need to go rest...Lord help us today and the days ahead..oh what a heartache this you all Daddy I love you...


Crystal....your post has me in tears...tears of sadness n loss, for you n your family, tears of joy for your dad, that he is , finally, at peace.......God Bless you n your family..You will be in my thoughts n , so much, in my prayers....
Crystal, blessings to you and your family as you mourn the loss of your father. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Crystal...I'm so sorry. You and your son have been such a blessing to your father. His smile as he enters the gates of heaven is a wonderful sight to see. What a relief to know that his suffering is no more. I know it's hard losing him, but now it's time for you to get rest. Take care of you now.
Mom has been gone now 2 months today...and I am finally feeling really good. My health is back, I'm rested and ready for my next chapter in life. Soon you will be there...Good luck my dear friend. God bless.
My thought and prayers are with you and your family Crystal at this sad time. It'll be hard over the next few weeks but things do get better. Your lovely Dad is now at peace - he must have suffered so much. God bless you all.
crystal, I am sorry to read about your father's passing. His peaceful passing was a nice gift. I think his smile was his way of saying that everything is all right. Peace be with you and your son as you go through the next few weeks.
Crystal, such a beautiful and sad moment. Thank you for sharing with the forum, my thought and prayers are with your Father and family.
Thanks to all of you who left me comment. I have not been on here as I have been having that pain so bad....Jessie I was stunned to read your comment because for months every single day several times a day my father would say - Everythings going to be alright and you are right - his smile told me just that and so many people were talking about it at the service. I am lost. This pain is horrible. I knew Daddy would some day leave us but nothing prepared me for this awful pain in my chest. Lord knows I am starting to function a little bit better as the numbness is wearing off the stark reality is sinking in the bottom of my broken heart. I know he is in Peace now but I am lost...forever in my heart Dad..forever and ever until we meet again. Thank you all so much. Love xoxo
Crystal, Blessings to you. You will grieve in your way; then, in respect for your precious Dad, get on with your hopes and dreams. You have a life to live.
Crystal - It's been a year and a half since I lost my dad and my heart still hurts. But there are also days that I can smile as I remember some of the good times. I'm so glad your dad went peacefully in his sleep. What a blessing for him! I prayed dad would go that way for 2 years but he fought until the very end. Just remember to take whatever time YOU need to grieve, don't let anyone tell you that you should be over it. But do know that the pain lessens with time and when you are that close with someone, you will still feel them with you when you need them most. My thoughts are with you, Kuli
Thank you so much Kuli and Christina..the last night was surreal and so rough and I only wished that one night out of all the nights and days of tending to him could of been easier..little did I realize he would go in his sleep as I slept in the chair right beside him and NEVER heard one sound from him...I never slept in that room ever and the one night I did he passed. I heard others say he felt safe when I was in there but I never heard a word or moan or is a long story and I will write it someday soon on here when the pain in my chest calms down. His service was beautifully sad and I felt for the first week that it did not happen...Lord how to put it into words is rough but the words will come and I will always hold him close in my heart. He prepared me and my son but nothing compares to this pain I am feeling now...Bless all of you who have had to go through caretaking and then losing a loved one knows but God what all you do and your loved one will always watch over you...Daddy told me just that. He is in the house and there are things happening that do not scare me but I feel him still here - his spirit is all over the house..Tell you the story later. Hugs to all of you beautiful people here. God Bless xoxo

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