My family wants me to move out so they can take care of my sister.

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i just don't understand why my family is treating me like this at first i thought it was jealousy but now i figured it out when things don't go their way or they need money they try to make things happen like deleting me from the family i wrote one topic that family can make you stressed too. now it a total different thing my family is trying to make me stand down from D.P.O.A and trying to make me move out of my dads home their even getting a petition on me and said the whole family has sign it. i have gotten numerous letters from this attorney saying this is what the family is doing. why? is my family doing this to me. They had my oldest sister up here and she move out because of them they got me in here when i didn't want to do this and now they want me out. i found out my sister lights are off...again what? she can't keep her ulities on so now they want to move me and my family out cause she can't handle her business. my father does not want me to move out he has gotten used of us being here. i don't think its good to change careakers like this can someone give me some advice im upset about is and so is my dad i can't believe there trying to do this.


I would write down all the ways you take care of your Dad -all the chores you all do to make him comfortable and able to stay in his home instead of him going to a nursing home. How do they think he will be able to care for himself if you were to leave? Please tell us more of your situation and I am sure you will get lots of help from this group of cargivers- we have all been through so much.
You said your family wants you to move out so they can care for your elderly parents. Are you sure they don't want you to move out so they can take advantage of them? Be very wary
It is really up to you. If your father doesn't want you to leave and you have his POA, then who are they to decide that they are boss? How many family members have signed the petition for you to leave and what were the reasons they gave?
forget the petition; if your father is mentally competent and you have his POA, they can't make you leave.... You may need an attorney though, to get rid of them - legal aid if nothing else.
Stand your ground! A petition would not hold up in court. The judge would probably laugh them right out for thinking this would help.
Um ... this question is nine years old. Not too likely that the original poster still needs responses.

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