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for those of you who are "regulars" on this board your may remember that my father fractured his hip last August. We had had a ct scan the day before the fall that came back suspicious for colon cancer. He was too sick for several months to get the colonscopy/biopsy that would give us a yes or no.when he finally had it done it of couse came back positive. He then had several setbacks including pneumonia and c. diff. He was scheduled for surgery on 1/12. we admitted him earlier due to weeping wounds on his legs because of lasix. He decided for himself he did not have the energy to go thru the surgery. We started preparations for hospice and he passed in his sleep last Wednesday. I cannot tell you how much this site has helped me cope in the last five months and I am so happy I have been able to contribute. my love goes out to everyone on this site and i suspect I will need some support in the months to come. I will be back to offer whatever I can. this site is a godsend. xo Lori

ps i forgot to mention I happen to be in graduate school. I welcome any advice from those in similar situations and please ask me if I can help anyone else. on this site I am surrounded by angels.


My condolences on the passing of your father. He endured so much in his last months. Your concern and your advocating for him surely gave him some measure of peace.

Best wishes for your own healing as you move forward.
Miasmom, my condolences on your father. You did your best with him and still juggle schooling and the house repairs. I do hope that you will be back. You have several times came on here and alerted us of some of the things you were experiencing so that we don't end up with it too. You and your mom take care. {{Hugs}}
I'm so sorry for you loss!. With regard to grad school, what is the question exactly? Are you feeling as though you need a week to regroup before you go back? Call your advisor ( or email) and let them know what has happened. Get reading assignments from advisor or a classmate. But don't on any account drop out. All my best to you. Barbara
thank you everyone. @ Babalou - my tolerance for stress level has been sorely tested over the last few months. I am pursuing a master's degree in social work. I have a field placement with a non traditional population (Somali refugees.) It has been a struggle taking what I do at my internship and "fitting" it to the competencies I need to fulfill for grad school. Also I had a field supervisor who sat back and did nothing. Last Tuesday I had a "performance evaluation" with 8 or 9 members of the faculty etc etc. They wanted to give me an "unsatisfactory" and have me repeat the field replacement. This meeting was supposed to happen in December but due to the holidays etc it finally was scheduled for 1/20/15 (last Tuesday.) the following Wednesday Dad passed away. I have had the Advocacy Committee involved working on my behalf. Some of this is due to my preoccupation with Dad but I refuse to take blame for the entire semester. it seems to be working itself out. They have advised me they will leave me with an incomplete (which allows me to change field placements (and get rid of my field supervisor). i also have a class which I have to drop bec it goes hand in hand with my supervisor. so now I have to pick up a class or 2 to maintain my financial aid. but we are already 3 weeks into the semester so things still aren't settled. this is drama I sure as hell didn't need but the university decided to help me out (but only after giving me several heart attacks. ) those of you in grad school don't let this scare you :) My father would have told me to fight. He was worried about my dropping out (which sounded pretty tempting just to stop the drama) but IMHO I am already a social worker. Dammit. LOL my advisor doesn't know I"m alive but I have had other support, my professor has been phenomenal. sorry for long winded answer but any other grad students out there - keep your eyes on the prize!!!!! and hang in there!

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