My "Count my Blessings" moment. What's yours?

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My sister took Mom and is keeping her for dinner tonight. 8 hours OFF! Woo hoo!


Boni then get off AC and get out and enjoy yourself.. Lol
LOL! I will when I'm done with some laundry. Incontinence was not kind to Momma last night. It's a GORGEOUS day, and I'm going to take a nice long walk soon.
lol . great thread title , ive considered the same concept too ..
alice cooper in hammond on nov 2 without the screaming motley crue . cubehead lives about 20 minutes from there . i dont know what kind of music his GF likes -- dont really care . on nov 2 shes gonna pretend to like the grandfather of shock rock ..
i wish the best for this thread . looking back on my life of 55 yrs its been slam , slam , slam .. all those a**kickins make the positive things really special ..
this summer i beat hepc and had two wonderful visits with cubic zerconium and the g kids .. now i hope to hear from the dental gal . i know dam well a connection was made even if it was just a morbid curiousity on her part . either way no harm was done by telling a mortally distressed and rejected person that i think shes hotter'n hammered h*ll .. theres a lot of difference between a cheap pick up line and a genuine compliment . i think shes smart enough to know the difference ..
My blessing is my Handsome Prince, who has been putting up with me for 42 years. He can fix cars, boats, motorcycles, put in boilers and air conditioning, build treehouses, remodel kitchens, put in new electric panels, fold laundry and I always get a kiss goodnight/good morning/ hello/ goodbye. (sigh)
I just got a video of My sons family singing "Happy Birthday" to my Grand daughter. I could almost smell the strawberries on the cake, and felt like I was right there with them. If your Grand children live far away, this newfangled technology is a definite blessing. Happy Birthday Ava!
im thankful for the reconcilliation of mine and my oldest sons relationship . he just got busy with his own life and family as a young guy probably should and kinda pushed me away . we had a fine time playing in the kitchen this summer and now he emails me almost every day . the youngest son and i are fine too . hes just doing the same , shoving dad away and testing his wings . bluntman and i have been to h*ll and back together . a divorce 15 yrs ago devastated both of us . we dusted ourselves off and built us another house .
im thankful for the year my aunt and i have spent hanging out . we needed each other ..
i like this thread ..
pam , its awesome that your marriage survived the midlife phase . one day you realize ( in my case ) that you have 4 adults in the house instead of two adults and two kids . man do the dynamics change ..
Boni how was your "time off"? Did you enjoy yourself? Were you able to turn off your caregiver "always on" switch? Tell us more about what you did!! :)
Oh Blannie, you are not going to like my answer.
Went I took my last trip to the basement to finish the sheets, I saw a bunch of crap I have been squirreling away down there. Mom keeps accusing me of throwing her stuff away. I don't. I've been putting the broken, crappy, old nic-nacs , and plastic flowers down there, a little at a time over the last 2 years. If She were to remember something and want it, I would have brought it to her. Well she has not missed any of it!
I saw it.
She was gone.
It's garbage night.
It's GONE!
Not rest, but a definite accomplishment!
a nonhoarder will drown in that stuff boni . i definately understand what your saying . my mom and dads old house had no room left for people . i busted my flyswatter over a bats head the other night and wont even get another till this one is disposed of . if something comes in this bunker its gotta have a very definitive purpose ..
im thankful for the chicken im frying tonight because if the food chain was in a different order it'd be me in the skillet and a bunch of dam chickens sitting in my chair ..
Accepting my mother's recent passing, knowing she lived with the quality of life right up to her death. It is what she always hoped for. She died with dignity and in peace.

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