My Christmas Gift Came Early...

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Mom asked to phone her children. I helped her call my brother then both sisters. When she was finally hanging up, she said help me dial my other daughter, and said my name. In that moment, I was loved like her daughter again. no other group would understand that moment. Most might see it as a sad effect of dementia - looking to call the person standing right in front of her. To me, it was a gift. In her heart, she loves me as her daughter, though I am her caregiver too. I hugged her tight.

Wishing each of you to receive an extra dose of love and joy this Christmas.


Lovely story, full of Christmas hope and magic. Thanks for sharing.
I am so glad you had this moment of joy.
Nice to hear a good story! It is nice you had that moment. Merry Christmas.
I love it! You know you are loved and remembered in some part of her mind! Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Wonderful, you are obviously in her heart and that is where it counts!
Merry Christmas to you and your mom
I had some moments of peace and love with my mother during our last visit. She could not hear and is not very verbal anymore, but I held her hand and she squeezed it and we gazed at one another and the love flowed. It was a gift.
What a wonderful story :)
Your attitude is what I'm trying to learn. Thank you so much for sharing.
i LOVE that you saw the love in that moment. My spirit and spunk and open mindedness are tired and you just pepped it up a bit. You mom loves you as a daughter. I get how wonderful that is.

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