My aunt is hiding my Mom, I don't know if she has POA. Police will not help.

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I have no siblings, and was living in Oklahoma when my dad passed in September last year. My aunt took my mom somewhere and refuses to tell anyone even the police what she did with her. I've now moved back to Memphis when she is from, but I have no money for an attorney or even a job at this point. My mother had no money, so I don't understand why my aunt is doing this. My mother had been incapacitated from a stroke since 2007. How can I find out if my aunt has POA, and if so how to challenge it. Please help I need to find my mother. Thank you so much.


Sometimes the Red Cross can help find people. You can ask them if this situation is something they could help you with. If your mom is incompetent from the stroke, she probably can't make you her POA now. When you find your mom your aunt had either show you her POA and explain what's going on, or you should call APS. What steps have you taken to find her? Have you sent mail to the old address with a request of notice of a changed address request? Ask at your post office how to do this. Have you checked with the former neighbors, doctors etc? Why would she be hiding your mom?
When you say the police won't help, do you mean that they won't accept a missing person report?
Thank you for your answers. I have asked Red Cross and the Memphis chapter said they do no find people, they provide disaster assistance. The police both county and city said they will not accept a missing persons report, but told me that she was admitted to a certain hospital and to just go there, fill out a next of kin foum and they would tell me where they released her to. I then went there and they told me they had no idea what officer I spoke to but they won't tell me anything without power of attorney. I showed my birth cirt, license and SS card, and said how can I get POA if I don't know where she is, I am her only child.. They still said they will not tell me. Her house I had a key to, and nothing was moved, power and water is off, and there was spoiled food in the fridge and cracked eggs still on the stove. As for the mail, I'm still going there and getting mail for her for medical bills, to collect bills occurred before my dad passed. And I don't know who any of her doctors are.
What is the reason your aunt refuses to tell anyone where your mom is? Does your aunt or your mom have mental issues? Is your aunt also in Memphis?
Is there anything I can file in court? If so what and to what court?
Tell us more. If you're getting mom's medical bills, her doc's names should be listed on them. Were your mom and sister close? Any other aunts/uncles/cousins you could contact? This just doesn't make sense based on what you've said so far.
Why did your aunt take your mum? how come you do not know your mums doctor? all seems strange?
I have no idea why my aunt is doing this. I haven't spoken to her in years but we used to always spend time together, but my dad used to tell me, son your moms side of the family is cold, never trust them , so I don't know. Yes my aunt is in Memphis but my mom lived in desoto county mississippi which touches Memphis Tennessee.
I don't know her doctors because I lived in Oklahoma, I dropped everything to move back here to find her. I my aunt has a daughter who won't speak to me at all either, but her husband will, however, the only thing that he will tell me is that this is not right, but she is being cared for, and my aunt just don't want me trying to get her out of wherever she is. Please, I know it seems strange because it is very strange, but I love my mom to death and I don't know where to turn.
This is awful surely the police can help? If your mum was ill maybe check out all the NHs and hospitals i know this is alot of work but if she has had strokes she may be in a home?
Also like another post asked is your aunt suffering from any mental illlness? this is a very very tough situation isnt there anyone from her family who may know what happened?
Your aunt must have told some lies about you if they wont give you info. I would try everything maybe radio OR churches?

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