Mum has no memory at all, yet lives unsupervised.

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I think that when elderly people have no memory at all, they should be forced into a nursing home.

my mum has no memory at all - yet, because I live next door to her, I have to be her caretaker - in spite of the fact it has now become a public safety issue - I am in a block of six units. There have already been incidents where a fire could have broken out - but because and only because I live in the next unit, mum is allowed to remain in the community. If there are any south Australians here, can anything be done to get mum admitted to a nursing home - even though she is against that and wants help from no one but me?


I don't live in Australia but there must be a way to have a social worker come out to evaluate your mother. We have the Area Agency on Aging here in the US to protect the elderly and offer different services.
it's a problem here in the US as well, meaning if social services comes into the home and sees someone like me propping up granny in all of her insanity, they write a few words on a piece of paper and leave...

despite the fact that i'm flat broke, homeless, no medical insurance, literally starving to death if not for food stamps food, which oh by the way she is stealing right out of my mouth.

i was literally laying in bed when the social worker showed up yesterday to check on my mother, i told him all this and more, about my car not in running order, how sick and tired i am of dealing with her insane greed. i couldn't even get out of bed to talk to him, told him eventually i'm the one who's going to be too depressed to even get up. all he did was write on a piece of paper and leave.

the sooner you figure out you're completely alone in this world the happier you'll be.
You have raised a good point. Mum's confusion is now so bad she forces me to spend a whole day answering the same old question over and over and over again. She keeps loosing things and doesn't know how to cook or anything any more. But, because I live in the next door flat, I am forced to be her sole carer as that is what she wants. Its got to the stage where I am very seriously considering suicide .

I wish there was a quick fool proof way to commit suicide as my life is beyond unbearable. I have no rest day or night and I can't take it anymore
Why don't you get a job and then report the fact to your local agency that she is spending the day all alone without any supervision and they should provide someone to come in and help her.
bast1965 you get on the phone now and call any emergency hotline you can fine. Here in the states you could call 911 I believe in AU it is 000. They will find you help. There has to be services available to help your Mother.

No where is it written you have to give up everything to take care of your parent. Please call for help now! You are a valuable person and deserve to have a happy life; but you have to take that first step and make a phone call.

I am praying for you!
~Bast, I agree with littltonway. Call a crisis hotline now. If you are struggling then you have to think of yourself first! ~Summer
Thanks. I am in touch with a nurse at one of the main hospitals here and she has organized for mum to be seen by a geriatrician tomorrow.
That's great Bast! Things can sometimes look bleek but making the move to find help for your mother and/or yourself will usually lead you down the right road. I'm glad your still here..:)
mum has now been assessed as having alarming memory problems, but because mum wants help from no one but me, I am forced to keep caring alone for her.

Today is Saturday. Mum has very vague if any memory of yesterdays trip to the Repat for consultations. She has no memory at all of spending from 11:30am to 9:30pm yesterday trying to grasp that she has another appointment at noon on Wednesday and has to fast from 10:00am that day.

Mum spent another 20 plus minutes today trying to understand and write down that she has an appointment at noon on Wednesday and must fast from 10. Straight after, mum had no memory at all of doing it.

Last night, mums memory and confusion were so bad, I panicked and called the ambulance but they refused to take mum to hospital as mum did not want to go.

Today, mum has no memory at all, but does not realize it.

This situation is dangerous - and very tiring for me - I had another near sleepless night last night.

The law here in south Australia says the patient has the final say. So I am literally trapped into being mums sole carer in spite of the fact I am medically unfit and all this stress and pressure will take decades off my life.
Seek the advice of an elder law attorney. Maybe you can get your mom have a DPOA (durable power of attorney) written.

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