Mum fell out of bed last night.

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Mum fell out of her bed last night i never heard a thing. She dosnt seem to have anything broken but has pain in her hip she is refusing to see doc and im sick of this and her stubborness. I dont know what to do she dosnt seem to be ina alot of pain so im sure shes ok but how do you know?

Her refusal to see her GP is getting out of control she hasnt seen him since last July?

I am seeing her geriatrician in 2wks to tell him that she seems to be progressing and how she wont let me look after her without a fight.

I am fed up with this constant attitude i will be leaving when i can as this is a no win situation with her. Shes out now messing in the garden with maybe damage to her hip?

She just dosnt careless about herself and we are just always fighting she wont do anything i ask so i am going to tell the doc that we may start looking at a NH as this stress with her just cant continue.

Either way i am going to have to leave as she is going to drive me "mad". there is no way she can live on her own now then she casually tells me she fell out of bed a few wks ago?

I will have to contact the nurse and get those things you put around the bed now as shes lucky she hasnt broken anything?


If she broke her hip, she wouldn't be out in the garden. So be relieved. When she comes in mix up a warm Epsom salt compress for the hip. Then give her a sip of peppermint schnapps and let her take a nap. Peppermint is a natural anti-inflammatory and good for digestion . My Nana always had anisette in her coffee at lunch and she made it to 96.
Kazzaa if my BP SIL tells me once more, just once more, about how she walked into A&E with a fractured neck of femur when she was eighteen (because of her superior pain threshold, is the point - it first came up when we were pregnant for the first time at the same time and she definitely wasn't going to want any pain relief in her birth plan blah blah blah) I'll feckin' break her arm.

But I can't see your mother pottering around in the garden, all the same, if she's done any major damage. Bruises go deep and take a long time to stop hurting. I strained a ligament once, too, and it hurt like a b*stard for months.

Um. I don't think you'll have much luck persuading the nurses to give you a bed rail. I tried for one and was told (in shocked tones) "certainly not! It would be a deprivation of liberty." What, her liberty to chuck herself round the bedroom floor? - I got told off quite badly for that. You can get foam mats, like yoga mats, to put on the floor alongside the bed but the big disadvantage is that they could make her lose her balance when she stands on them to get up, and of course the chances are she'd trip over them while she was getting in. Also, if she's non-compliant in general, just you watch - she'll go completely ballistic if you start dogging her in to the OTs.

Sorry, I know just how frustrating it is. Good luck with the geriatrician.
Ha CM if i get mum a foam mat she will pee on it so no thanks!! shes ok just slight brusing but will give her some peppermint tea made her a healthy smoothie this morning with stuff in thats anti-inflammatory!
CM i just dont get this as you say its ok to fling herself around? i am going to ask for it now and see what happens. I didnt hear a thing so god knows how long she was lying there as shes a liar these days!
Oh and a very clever woman i asked her why she wouldnt see doc just in case her reply......are you nuts? if i tell the doc i fell out of bed hed have me locked up!!!!!!! i tell you sometimes i wonder if she is all that "mad" so she obviously knows we are on to her???
Kazzaa, amazon has bed alarms for 76.45 and free shipping. Something to consider. Gosh, they all lie about falling down, don't want to "get in trouble" for it.
Falling down, or breaking a hip or bone is one of the things I worry about when thinking about my dad, as it is very common among elderly, plus it can be serious, bed rail only worked for me to keep him from falling while he's asleep, also switching to a low bed to the floor, but still when he tries to get up from lying down or sitting there it’s hard for him to maintain balance and thus increase the chances of falling down, and it's hard for me to make him understand.

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