Moving on with life after our loved one has passed.

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Love One has passed on is so much more difficult than I had ever imagined. Mother went to Heaven in June 21 last and I'm finding it impossible to take that next step and move on with My Life. The void and the emptiness and the loneliness in My Life now is unbearable especially at night, and Sunday is the day I dread most. Having Cared for Mother Who suffered from Alzheimer's for three years We became so cloce, yet We had always been very United. Nothing prepares Us for the dreadful grief that follows when We loose Our Love One Who We loved and cherished, and Cared for so attentatively, and then when They are gone from Us it's so difficult to come to terms with the huge loss in Our Lives.


Yes, it is. All I can do is wish you comfort, Johnjoe.
Yes, it is very hard. Don't measure yourself against some arbitrary timeline. Grief has its own schedule. You will never "get over" the death of your mother. She will always be a part of you. But in time you will gradually feel less pain and more contentment with her memory.

It has only been a couple of months. Give yourself time to heal.
My heart goes out to you, sweetie. Please take comfort that you were loving, attentive and kind to Mom - even though she may not have been able to acknowledge it. You gave her what too many people will never know: You made a huge difference in her last days on this earth, which allowed her to go on to her next journey blanketed in love. Good child, loving friend, kind guardian. God bless you - peace will come.
I am glad to read I am not alone in feeling this way.... Do you feel empty? My dr. said it is trauma and that i should seek therapy... which i have not yet.
it is very strange, the void... dad died in june also.
cannot offer you much because in the same boat.... hey, same boat, well, that's something i think (((HUG)))
One thing that worked for me was to make plans for the special times I spent with my Mom. I visited her AL every morning. So, after the funeral, I rearranged many of my afternoon appointments to take place in the morning. I was doing the same things but this somehow filled my void. Needless to say, you never forget or stop missing your loved one. But I took my lesson from my Mom. When my dad passed away, I took a few extra days off. She wasn't happy and said 'You need to get back to work' --- I only took 2 extra days! But her belief was to keep moving. I took that lesson to heart when she passed. Good luck
Mom died in June, June 29 to be exact. I know exactly where you're coming from, One thing that may help, if your mom is close to siblings and parents, and they've passed before her, you can take comfort in knowing she is reunited with them and is at peace. Also, be on the lookout for pennies (or other coins) from heaven. This is very real and it's a way for our loved ones to let us know they're okay.
Thank You all for Your beautiful expression of kindness which I know comes straight from Your Heart. I do know that Mam had been preparing Me for that time when She would be gone from Our earthly Life, as every once and a while Mam recalled the beautiful memories of Her Childhood growing up with three Sisters and three Brothers, and of Her beautiful Parents, and then Mam would say all My Friends are gone and I'm the next to go. Then I'd say Yeragh no Mother You'll live to be well over the 100....and Mam replied with conviction, NO WE MUST GO TO MAKE WAY FOR THE YOUNG BECAUSE THE YOUTH MUST HAVE THEIR FLING, WEVE HAD OUR TIME AND NOW THE TIME IS THEIRS TO LIVE AND LOVE AND TOIL AS WE HAVE DONE. I treasure these memories, Our expression of thought's and the many beautiful conversations We had. How Blessed We all were to share Our Lives with such wisdom, and beauty. John Joe.

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