Movie about Alzheimer's today.

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This will be playing today online for free. The movie is called Fragile Storm. I will be trying to remember to watch it!
Look up Fragilestorm.


Oh gosh, I didn't see the post until now :( I've been so glued to politics [my hobby... maybe it is time to change hobbies as this one is exhausting me].

I checked to see what this movie was about because I couldn't figure it out from the "trailer"... apparently it deals with Alzheimer's.
I can guess what this film is all about from the clips but I won't be a spoiler. I suppose it is meant to be a real shocker for those uninformed about the realities of dementia.
Well, has anybody watched the film (less than 10 minutes, can you call that a film?), what do you think?
In the film industry this would be a "Short Subject Documentary". Kind of a misnomer, don't you think? Nothing "Short Subject" when it comes to Alzheimer's/dementia- well, aside from memory itself...
I don't think I can watch any more.


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