I moved parents out of assisted living last week and received a bill today for the full amount for next month.

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I'm so mad!


This is typical I'm afraid - if your parents didn't give 30-days notice.

I lucked out - I only had to pay two weeks when my mom failed to notice that she died.
I spoke with the manager there and she confirmed, in person, that I DID give 30-days notice. So I guess we'll see! How frustrating. =( =( =(
Where did you move her to?
I gave 30days notice. I also got a bill which comes from a billing department not on the facilities site. I took it to the director, who I gave the notice to, and he said not to worry about it. He had my letter. Its just one of those things. Info doesn't always get to the billing dept in time.
Mom and Dad had to move to SNF. Dad got gtube and can no longer come back to ALF. Bill was fixed, thank goodness. What a needless worry.
Where my Dad lived, his rent was one month in advance, which isn't unusual for this type of rental. Thus when he passed, I was surprised how quickly I back a refund for the future month he didn't use. Also got a refund for the added care he didn't use during the month he passed [middle of the month].

It just how the billing is done with many of the senior living facilities. It takes time for the accounting department to catch up with any changes to the Lease. Just be patient.

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