My mother's debt that remains after she has passed.

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I have just begun receiving settlement notices for the Estate of my mom to pay off her credit card debt. In these notices it reads that I am repsonsible to pay her debts off. There is nothing in the estate. I soley supported my mom for the last 4 years of her life. While she did receive Social Security monthly those checks couldn't even cover her overhead, after I made the minimum payment due monthly for her. Now they are expecting me to pay her debts. Is there anything that i can do about this? I am not going to pay her credit card debt. It was not my debt, and I should not be held responsible for it. Will this affect my credit score?


It is not your debt and you cannot be held responsible for it. Your parent's debts have nothing to do with your credit score.

If you are the executor and there is money in the estate, then, yes, it is your job to pay debts out of the estate assets, but NOT out of your own funds.
You are in no way responsible for her debts. What you need to do is, as executor, send official notice to these creditors by registered mail that there is no money in the estate to pay any debts and requesting that they stop sending further notices. If they continue, seek out an attorney who can send them a stiffer letter.
Thank you both, I was really beginning to worry
As the others said, you can forget paying these bills out of your funds. When my son-in-law passed away leaving a pile of debt and zero assets (after a year long illness) I sent a letter to the creditors. I stated there was no money. Believe me there were a number of creditors -- doctor's credit cards, etc. The family can't pay what it doesn't have.

You might want to check out this article:
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It might give you some great insight on what you are and are not for.

Best of Luck :)
You are not responsible for these debts, and I wouldn't worry another minute about it. My mother is in a nursing home on Medicaid, and she had a couple of credit cards that she can no longer pay. I don't do anything but throw away the collection letters. When you have nothing, you can pay nothing.
If your name is on any of the cards as a authorized user . Call them and have it removed . The marks against her credit will show up on yours. That is what I was told by bank iof america . Check it out and see if this is true. I am on this road too .

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