How did Mother's Day go for you?

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Mine went surprisingly well. My mother has been desperate to see my house but she's unable to sit up or stand alone and I can't lift her into the truck plus there are steps to navigate so I decided the house should come to her. On Saturday I took a ton of pictures in and around the house and the back 40, along with the pets - one of each of the dogs and cats were formerly hers - and put them on a flash drive.

On Sunday I took a laptop computer and the flash drive to the NH to show her all the pictures, along with her favourite sandwich (she doesn't normally eat lunch) and she was delighted. A golden retriever service dog had visited earlier in the day and, on arriving, I ran into a black labrador service dog, took him to see her and he hopped up on her bed to be petted. We had a long chat and a lovely visit. I'd been so dreading it I'm still gobsmacked at how well it went.


Hugs for you! You did awesome and what a phenomenal idea! I won't taint the beauty of your day with my miserable one- that's in another Discussion Forum- your day makes me smile! Thank you for sharing!
We had a family get together for a cookout. It was such a nice evening. Mom is so happy when the whole family is there even though she can barely follow and understand what is going on or what is said. Over the past two months, she has become very feeble and unsteady and her dementia is very bad. The realization hit me that this will probably be her last one.
Ashlynne and Amy, happy the day went well. That's the way it should always be.
Nana.... sorry :(

Ours went very well also! Since Mother's Day was also Moms birthday we did a double party. Giant pizza's and beer at Abbys... both brothers and spouses in attendance, my girlfriend and two of her wonderful elderly gent's whom mom adores.... closed the place down, proceeded to the local pub and watched mom dance the night away. An awesome live band was playing...and since its a small town, small pub... it's as if mom was dancing with the band. Hehe... they (plus the entire pub occupants) sang her Happy Birthday. She may not know who we are, how to flush a toilet or remember where the toilet is for that matter....but she can dance the night away.

Now she wants to go every night. NOT HAPPENING!!

Sigh.... only spoiler was the distant brother's wife thinking that was somewhat inappropriate to have mom dance the night away ...
JeanetteB- thank you for sharing- your mom still has a hot rock chick inside;-) poopoo on the party pooper who thinks it was inappropriate- she probably is miserable inside. I would give anything for mom to find her smile- but I fulfilled her grocery list today and listened to her list of complaints and did my best to be empathetic- and I will keep listening for God to give me a hint what I can do- she's mom and I love her and I love all of you- thank you for letting me live for a minute in your joy *hugs*
Hugs to you Ashlynne!! You did a great work for your mother and she was respective to receiving it. That does not happen often as you know with a parent who has a PD along with dementia.

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