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last summer i couldnt venture far from home so i cut steel at the junkyard a mile up the road. the cat didnt have any money so i traded him out of a 63 falcon futura. mom loved that car cause she could envision it fully restored. (we crazy people see things) tomorrow I'm getting a small 4 wd truck to put the futura body onto. Old cappy is going up and down this steep-ass driveway this winter. its a hilljacks wet dream, and mother loved my junk car. google image up a 63 futura, prettiest american car EVER.. mom loves my crazy s*it but she would not get on the trikes. her sister edna ( 90 ) yrs old, however, will ride the trikes for hours at a time. its funny,people take pics of her on the trike.. even funnier, if you pull out onto the highway and pour the sauce to the bike, aunt edna freakin loves it.


I am glad you are getting pleasure envisioning your mother enjoying your crazy activities! That is a nice way to keep her in your heart.
i usedta make mom bust a gut laughing sometimes. i had a female customer who was ms preppy, priveleged, college professor, etc. very 'proper lady ' iz what im sayin. i usedta step into moms room and inform her that me and hor were goin riding for a couple of hours and mom would crack up every time. she said wed probably get along better if id stop calling her ' hor ' .
the last genuine laugh i ever got from mom is when we had the dam bed bug problem . oh we killed every one of em but it takes a little time and strategy. hosspiss was hassling us about what we were doing about the situation and although we were doing plenty i told mom we should sit in the living room with ball bats and tell them that was our plan. to bust every bug we saw over the head with a bat. well if you were as plastered on hydrocodone as we were youdda thought it was funny..
Thanks for sharing the laugh. Love like that survives in memories. Best wishes for the holidays

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