My beautiful Mother went to Heaven on the longest day of this year.

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Mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in December 2013 though I know Mam must have had it much earlier, but I did not recognise it. When I think back, how many times did I say AH SHER MAMMY YOU ASKED ME THAT QUESTION THREE TIMES ALREADY---and Mother would reply, oh wait until You are My age, and You'll see how good You are.
Two years and eight months later while Mother was on Her fifth day of Her first RESPITE CARE stay at a beautiful Nursing Care Unit, My beautiful Mother passed away peacefully yet suddenly as She had been enjoying the companionship of Her great Friend Helen Who had been visiting Mother at the time. Helen told Me that Mam had the most peaceful death, oh She said it was so peaceful, so serene like a candle blowing out in the wind. I cared for Mam every day for that two years and eight months, and I managed very well only because this brilliant site AGING CARE.COM gave Me the know how, and the belief in Myself that I CAN DO THIS. I am so grateful, and to all You Caregivers on this wonderful site I give You My sincere gratitude. I will continue to remain on this site in the hope that I can encourage some other Carer. God Bless You all, as You are very special People.


God bless
What a beautiful post, Johnjoe. May your mother rest in peace, God bless her.
Johnjoe, I am so sorry for your loss. Good job caring for your mom.
Johnjoe, Sorry for the loss of your dear mother.
Thanks for letting us know Johnjoe, I'm glad she was able to slip away peacefully in the company of a good friend.
Johnjoe, You did it all right. How lucky your mother was. What a lovely way to drift away. Bless you.
johnjoe, I am so sorry that your mother is gone. I am glad that it was peaceful, but I know you will miss her.
I'm so sorry you lost your sweet Mother.I know you were a #1 caregiver and she was very lucky to have you as well as you were lucky to have her.I hope you will stay with Agingcare as we are all lucky to have your input and your spirit with us.Take good care of you now.
Oh Johnjoe, I'm sorry too for your loss, but I am so proud of you. When I first came to the forum, yours was one of the first posts I responded to over the hardships and worries trying take care of your mom. I worried that you might grieve yourself to death when she passed on, and I have no doubt the grief is deep. Many of us can relate, as death has found its way to our doorsteps too with a loss a loved one.

I am so heartened to see this post from you in spite of the loss. And I'm glad you know she died peacefully and pray that brings you some comfort. It sounds like it did. My prayers are with you as you face the changes ahead. The next time we sing 'Be Thou My Vision' at church I will think of your mom. As much as we have blessed you, you also have blessed us. Godspeed Joe.

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