My beautiful Mother passed away last night, ending her 10 year battle with Dementia.

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I was at her side as I have been for the last 3 years along with my brother. We are heartbroken but know that she is in the arms of God and my Father again.


I am so very sorry for your loss. I lost my mom last month. I have never gone through anything so hard and I'm still struggling. I am sending you peace and know your mom is having fun, is healthy and happy in heaven.

I'm so sorry for your loss........
I am so sorry, Smeltzer. I know it has been a long last three years. It is sad when a good life has to end with such long suffering. You were a great daughter to her, and I know she appreciated you.
Condolences on the loss of your mother. Take care of yourself during this difficult time.
I too offer my condolences; it sounds as though it's been a long, sad struggle for you. I hope you can take comfort in knowing that her battle is over. Please be sure to honor the role you and your brother undertook in caring for her during this time.
Smeltzer ... my sympathy sweetheart, knowing that you did right by her will count one day, hold on to that at this horrid time xx
My prayers are with you, I know how hard this is
i miss my mother but i was kinda relieved when she died . she had been hallucinating for her last 60 days . her mind was nearly gone . a body doesnt have much purpose without a mind .
sometimes a life is over while theres still a heart beating . you haveta just let them go and try to take their place in the family .
Smeltzer and your brother and family,
I am so sorry you have lost your dear Mother.Take good care of yourselves now.She must have been very proud of her children and I'm sure she is in the presence of God now where I believe my Mother is also.We were blessed to have them as long as we did....
Im so sorry for your loss. My mom passed on Monday the 21st. I've been so busy that it hits me in waves....sending hugs your way!

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