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After reading some of the stories on this, not only am i relieved, but i feel a little human again. My mother of 69 years old, just recently became mean, negative, racist and willing to throw me and my family under a bus at any time. She has no visable illness. I know her life was tough, immigrating from germany as a child, with abusive cold parents. Im loving, kind, emotionaly there for every one. Im drained now, im terminaly ill. I dont know how long i have to live. I thought id have my mom by my side at the end. We cant even talk any more. She was my transportation to medical appointments, she pulled that away over a stupid fight. I do not know what to do? Im 47 with a beautiful grand baby girl. They live with me, she has tried to come between us by 2 faced lieing. She seems normal enough, but she has changed. Not to her! Any one please share with me any advice please


Mom needs meds. NOW. She did you a favor by cutting off contact. Now, about the parents of that lovely grandchild ? It's their turn to step up and help YOU.
Thank you, it feels like encourgement!
Thank you so very much, to the wonderfull people who have commented so far. I didnt think it would touch me as much as it has. The kindness of strangers is still alive and well.

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