Since my mother moved in, our 'relationship' has deteriorated.

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I thought with her moving here we would get closer, but her hard-hardheadedness has turned our mother/daughter relationship into 'crap'.... I have 'wasted' 8 yrs of my life... and, on the contrary... lost my friends and any opportunities I would have had... life sucks... My 2 brothers could care less and my mother is so insensitive... she only thinks about herself... and, her gambling!


I am so depressed!
Yeah, sometimes life sucks. I want to offer you hugs and commisseration.

Are you venting, or do you want advice? If so, about what?
I'm so depressed... things have gotten worse over the past 8+ yrs since my mother has moved here with me... She has never 'supported' me and sides with my brother and sister-in-law ... After doing everything for my mother... they all are against me and have even purposefully excluded me from anything pertaining to 'family'... my two (only) nieces never talk with me and one had a baby 2 yrs ago... without involving me in the birth... while they have sent pictures and called my mother and my house!... I honestly have not wanted to live any more...I do have a job and have excellent reviews and peers, but when I come home it seems like it turns into hell... now Christmas is coming and I again am so depressed... The 'home' I once worked so hard for, is now a house of horrors...
Heart2Heart, why are you doing this? Why is your mother living in your house?

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