My elderly mother is now living with me. I feel lost, alone, and need guidance.

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I have no life of my own. This sounds terrible. Sometimes I just hate it.


It's not easy when you are not exactly young yourself. Discuss her needs with her MD and see if he can order a visiting nurse. Arrange for a sitter and give yourself one day off a week, at the very least. Hospice has volunteers that will sit with someone while you go for groceries and other errands. If you have adult children, draft them into the Care Corps.
Make time for yourself! It's a job in itself to do BUT if you're not ok you will not be able to give her the care she needs which will make it worse.
I had my FIL living with us and it seriously got out of control. Take pstegman's advice and speak with her doctor(s) about ordering some home health care.
There is also respite care. Try looking up some programs in your area. In my area a couple of assisted living facilities provided the service. In fact, some offered daily to up to 6 weeks care.
The last (and in my opinion one of best things) keep reaching out for support and help. Your friends and family and this website. You are not alone. Most of us have felt this way at some point in the caring of a loved one.
I know exactly how u feel. Get help and get out!. Its a tough job and so isolating. Invite friends over to watch tv show or ball game. Keep busy and drive horrible thoughts constantly in ur head away. Got to get better.
I am alone and isolated from my family and friends since my 88 year old father came to live with me 9 months ago. I feel overwhelmed. His health is good but his mind is going- his primary doctor said he is fine but he was on good behavior that day. I need help and a need a day off. I have NO family help. Any advice out there?
I am right there with you. My Mom has been with me for six months. I miss my privacy so much.

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