MIL was getting a power chair (scooter) and then this happens....

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They came to deliver it today and told her that if she ever gets on hospice to let them know. Well, she proceeds to tell him she is already under hospice care so what does he do? He packs it up and leaves with it! WTH? Argh...

She has CHF and COPD and was put on hospice a few months ago. She lives in the country and it has taken more than an hour for a nurse to show up when she has trouble breathing and we can't take her to the ER if something happens. She has a medical alert button and they told her they can't really help her if she pushes it. I told hubby to see about getting her off hospice since they apparently aren't doing her any good!!!


What program was giving her a chair? Or was she purchasing it?
I believe Medicare was paying for it. She had to see her doctor to get a prescription for it. I will get more information on that tonight. We had looked into purchasing some ramps for her house so she could get in and out of the house.
If she is well enough to use a scooter it may be a good idea to have her discharged from hospice at least for the time being, you will them be able to call 911 and go to the ER as necessary. It is up to you and granny to work out which is best for the time being.
As usual - things just don't make sense sometimes! My understanding is that medicare only covers for use inside the home. Hospice is supposed to be an indication that the patient has less than 6 months to live although I know some are on hospice quite a lot longer. Does she have any dementia issues? If yes, I would call the supplier and state that his representative was violating her HIPPA rights by asking and then acting on this information. Not sure if the rep. WAS violating it...but it might get the chair back. Let us know how you make out!
I was concerned when she was placed on hospice...Daddy was on hospice but we knew he was dying of cancer. I talked to hubby about taking her off of it and he said he was going to find out how to do that, and if she wanted to. He said that they seem to do a little more for her than home health. I will let ya'll know what happens!
I would say definitely a HIPPA violation and acting on that information which he had no authority to do. Don't know the medicare rules for scooters. Start with the Dr who prescribed the chair in the first place.
It may be that hospice is seen to be equivalent to a LTC facility. Medicare will not pay for power scooters or chairs if someone is in a LTC facility.

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