My 82 year old mom in law wants a lifestyle face lift!

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She is cheap and just wants the attention. She is lonely - and that's the reason we think Assisted Living is her best option (and I travel 13 states in my territory and my husband is retired and has Parkinson's). Bad decision on our part to take her in, but we thought she was independent!

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My mother sees those ads on TV and talks about having one, too. The trouble is that she would need a full body lift all the way to her toes. :) Matter of fact, so would I.

If your mother is lonely, I bet she would like living in a senior community of some type. Some people are reluctant to venture into new things, but she may be glad she did. The women tend to make fast friends and there are some men, too, that keep things lively. I hope you can find one she likes when you're ready to take that step.

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