MIL was compliant with her meds today - YIPPEE

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Just wanted to share with folks who would "get it" ;0)

MIL came home (to her house) from rehab yesterday after about 2 months. One of the changes we put in place is that we took her pills home with us so she has no access to them. Hubby brings over her pills for the day, each morning. I explained the plan to her yesterday when I took her home and handed her the pill box for the rest of yesterday.

This morning, Hubby went over to see her. He handed her today's pill box, and she went to the table, picked up yesterday's empty pill box, and handed it to him. WOW! Such a little victory and it made me soooo happy!

She'll probably get snotty about it in a few days, but for today, she played by the rules ;0)

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Calicokat, that sounds good... is hubby watching his Mom take her pills?

I hope she isn't dumping the pills but actually taking them... sometimes our folks can be quite clever if they don't want their medicine :P

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